Watch Rolli and the Secret Route

Rolli and the Secret Route

2016 Drama

Rolli and little mythical person young lady Juniper alongside whatever is left of the rollis and other bizarre animals lead tranquil and rollishly fun lives in their thriving Rolli Village. One day the curious companions Rolli and Juniper hear unimaginable news from Malcolm the Maggot: some place far away, past mountains, backwoods and the ocean, lies a place called The Beginning of All Time. That is the place the storks dependably take off on their excursions to convey babies in little packages to their new homes. Rolli and Juniper really want to end up distinctly inquisitive. Them two have fallen into Rolli Village in a package from the sky, and particularly Juniper has dependably pondered where she originated from. The two companions choose to devote themselves completely to a joint enterprise. They set out on an excursion toward The Beginning of All Time so as to discover the solution to life's most prominent mystery.

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