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The Walking Dead

2010 45min Drama, Horror, Thriller

Police officer Rick Grimes leads a group of survivors in a world overrun by zombies.
Release Date:Oct-31-2010

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  1. Days Gone Bye

    Season 1, Episode 1
    Air date: Nov-30--0001

    After being shot, Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes awakes to find the world overrun by the undead.

  2. Guts

    Season 1, Episode 2
    Air date: Nov-07-2010

    Rick finds himself trapped with a group of survivors inside a department store that is surrounded by walkers.

  3. Tell It to the Frogs

    Season 1, Episode 3
    Air date: Nov-14-2010

    Rick is reunited with Lori and Carl but soon decides - along with some of the other survivors - to return to the rooftop and rescue Merle. Meanwhile, tensions run high between the other survivors at the camp.

  4. Vatos

    Season 1, Episode 4
    Air date: Nov-21-2010

    Rick, Glenn, Daryl and T-Dog come across a group of seemingly hostile survivors whilst searching for Merle. Back at camp, Jim begins behaving erratically.

  5. Wildfire

    Season 1, Episode 5
    Air date: Nov-28-2010

    After the attack on the camp, Rick leads the survivors to the C.D.C., in the hope that they can cure an infected Jim.

  6. TS-19

    Season 1, Episode 6
    Air date: Dec-05-2010

    The survivors gain access to the C.D.C. in the hope of a safe haven, however they soon learn that the building is on a countdown to self-destruct.

  7. What Lies Ahead

    Season 2, Episode 1
    Air date: Oct-16-2011

    The group's plan to head for Fort Benning is put on hold when Sophia goes missing.

  8. Bloodletting

    Season 2, Episode 2
    Air date: Oct-23-2011

    After Carl is accidentally shot, the group are brought to a family living on a nearby farm. Shane makes a dangerous trip in search of medical supplies.

  9. Save the Last One

    Season 2, Episode 3
    Air date: Oct-30-2011

    As Carl's condition continues to deteriorate, Shane and Otis try to dodge the walkers as they head back to the farm.

  10. Cherokee Rose

    Season 2, Episode 4
    Air date: Nov-06-2011

    With Carl recovering, the group, once again, puts their focus on finding Sophia.

  11. Chupacabra

    Season 2, Episode 5
    Air date: Nov-13-2011

    Daryl becomes injured and stranded in the middle of the woods whilst searching for Sophia. Shane urges Rick to call off the search party. Hershel remains wary of the group.

  12. Secrets

    Season 2, Episode 6
    Air date: Nov-20-2011

    Dale confronts Hershel after Glenn tells him about the walkers in the barn. Meanwhile, Lori struggles to come to terms with her pregnancy, and Shane tries to teach Andrea how to use weapons.

  13. Pretty Much Dead Already

    Season 2, Episode 7
    Air date: Nov-27-2011

    Glenn tells the rest of the group about the walkers in the barn, dividing them on what to do. Meanwhile, Hershel sets a deadline for the group to leave, unless Rick does a difficult task.

  14. Nebraska

    Season 2, Episode 8
    Air date: Feb-12-2012

    In the aftermath of the barn incident; the group bury loved ones, Beth falls into shock, and Rick and Glenn head out to find Hershel when he disappears.

  15. Triggerfinger

    Season 2, Episode 9
    Air date: Feb-19-2012

    Rick, Glenn and Hershel come under enemy fire after their encounter with Dave and Tony. Meanwhile, Shane goes after Lori when everyone realizes she is missing.

  16. 18 Miles Out

    Season 2, Episode 10
    Air date: Feb-26-2012

    Rick and Shane argue over what to do with Randall. Back at the farm, Lori, Andrea and Maggie deal with a suicidal Beth.

  17. Judge, Jury, Executioner

    Season 2, Episode 11
    Air date: Mar-04-2012

    Dale fears the group is losing its humanity as Rick and the others vote to execute Randall.

  18. Better Angels

    Season 2, Episode 12
    Air date: Mar-11-2012

    Shane's antagonistic behaviour reaches new heights, while Carl suffers the consequences of his actions.

  19. Beside the Dying Fire

    Season 2, Episode 13
    Air date: Mar-18-2012

    As the farm is overrun by walkers, the group fights to escape.

  20. Seed

    Season 3, Episode 1
    Air date: Oct-14-2012

    After months on the run, the group take refuge in a federal prison, while elsewhere, Andrea's health starts to deteriorate.

  21. Sick

    Season 3, Episode 2
    Air date: Oct-21-2012

    As Hershel's condition worsens, Rick, Daryl and T-Dog deal with a group of prisoners.

  22. Walk with Me

    Season 3, Episode 3
    Air date: Oct-28-2012

    Andrea and Michonne are brought to a walled community run by a man called The Governor.

  23. Killer Within

    Season 3, Episode 4
    Air date: Nov-04-2012

    Lori goes into labour when the prison comes under attack. Michonne tries to convince Andrea to leave Woodbury.

  24. Say the Word

    Season 3, Episode 5
    Air date: Nov-11-2012

    Rick struggles to cope. Andrea and Michonne part ways. Daryl and Maggie head out to find food and clothes for the baby.

  25. Hounded

    Season 3, Episode 6
    Air date: Nov-18-2012

    Rick receives a mysterious phone call. Andrea grows closer to The Governor. Merle tries to hunt down Michonne.

  26. When the Dead Come Knocking

    Season 3, Episode 7
    Air date: Nov-25-2012

    Michonne leads Rick, Daryl and Oscar to Woodbury to rescue Glenn and Maggie. Merle tries to force information out of Glenn.

  27. Made to Suffer

    Season 3, Episode 8
    Air date: Dec-02-2012

    Rick, Daryl, Michonne and Oscar enter Woodbury in search of Glenn and Maggie. Meanwhile, a new group of survivors encounter the prison.

  28. The Suicide King

    Season 3, Episode 9
    Air date: Feb-10-2013

    Woodbury is left in disarray following the attack by Rick's group. Merle's presence in the group causes conflict.

  29. Home

    Season 3, Episode 10
    Air date: Feb-17-2013

    Rick continues to see visions of Lori. The Governor plans an assault on the prison. Daryl and Merle fend for themselves out in the forest.

  30. I Ain't a Judas

    Season 3, Episode 11
    Air date: Feb-24-2013

    As Rick and the group debate their next course of action, Andrea tries to negotiate with them. Meanwhile, The Governor prepares Woodbury for battle.

  31. Clear

    Season 3, Episode 12
    Air date: Mar-03-2013

    Rick runs into a familiar face when he, Carl and Michonne head back to Rick's hometown for more guns to fortify themselves against The Governor.

  32. Arrow on the Doorpost

    Season 3, Episode 13
    Air date: Mar-10-2013

    Rick and The Governor meet face-to-face, ostensibly to make a peaceful resolution to prevent further bloodshed. Back at the prison, tensions arise between Merle and the rest of the group.

  33. Prey

    Season 3, Episode 14
    Air date: Mar-17-2013

    The Governor hunts down Andrea when she flees Woodbury. Meanwhile, tensions arise within Tyreese's group, and The Governor's plan for Rick's group is sabotaged.

  34. This Sorrowful Life

    Season 3, Episode 15
    Air date: Mar-24-2013

    While Rick decides the fate of Michonne, Merle takes matters into his own hands.

  35. Welcome to the Tombs

    Season 3, Episode 16
    Air date: Mar-31-2013

    As Rick and the group prepare for the Governor's impending attack, Andrea fights to escape captivity.

  36. 30 Days Without an Accident

    Season 4, Episode 1
    Air date: Oct-13-2013

    Several months have passed and Rick and the expanded group are living a more peaceful life at the prison. Problems surface when Rick encounters a new survivor, and a supply run ends in disaster.

  37. Infected

    Season 4, Episode 2
    Air date: Oct-20-2013

    Rick is forced to abandon his quiet lifestyle when a mysterious virus puts the lives of everyone at the prison at risk.

  38. Isolation

    Season 4, Episode 3
    Air date: Oct-27-2013

    As the sick are quarantined, Daryl, Tyreese, Michonne and Bob leave the prison in search of medical supplies. Rick makes a shocking discovery.

  39. Indifference

    Season 4, Episode 4
    Air date: Nov-03-2013

    Daryl, Tyreese, Michonne and Bob continue to the veterinary college on foot in search of medicine. Rick and Carol go on a run to a nearby town where they find two uninfected stragglers.

  40. Internment

    Season 4, Episode 5
    Air date: Nov-10-2013

    Hershel struggles to care for the sick as the situation in the cell block escalates. Meanwhile, Rick and Carl defend the prison as the fences give way.

  41. Live Bait

    Season 4, Episode 6
    Air date: Nov-17-2013

    The Governor bonds with a small family following the downfall of Woodbury.

  42. Dead Weight

    Season 4, Episode 7
    Air date: Nov-24-2013

    The Governor plans his next move as he, Lilly, Tara and Meghan adjust to new surroundings.

  43. Too Far Gone

    Season 4, Episode 8
    Air date: Dec-01-2013

    Rick and the group face imminent danger as The Governor and his army arrive to take the prison.

  44. After

    Season 4, Episode 9
    Air date: Feb-09-2014

    With the prison overrun, Rick and Carl find themselves on the road looking for shelter. Meanwhile, Michonne is haunted by memories of the past.

  45. Inmates

    Season 4, Episode 10
    Air date: Feb-16-2014

    Beth tries to remain hopeful. Tyreese, Lizzie and Mika run into a familiar face. Glenn and Maggie struggle to cope without each other.

  46. Claimed

    Season 4, Episode 11
    Air date: Feb-23-2014

    While Carl and Michonne look for supplies, Rick is faced against a gang of marauders. Meanwhile, Glenn and Tara are brought together with three strangers on an important mission.

  47. Still

    Season 4, Episode 12
    Air date: Mar-02-2014

    Daryl and Beth seek refuge in the woods, where conflict emerges between the pair.

  48. Alone

    Season 4, Episode 13
    Air date: Mar-09-2014

    Maggie, Sasha and Bob clash over whether they should head to Terminus. Daryl and Beth take shelter in a seemingly abandoned funeral home.

  49. The Grove

    Season 4, Episode 14
    Air date: Mar-16-2014

    Carol has to cope with old secrets and Lizzie's psychotic behavior when she, Tyreese and the girls take refuge in a vacant house on the way to Terminus.

  50. Us

    Season 4, Episode 15
    Air date: Mar-23-2014

    Glenn and Tara are set on the way to Terminus, but Abraham is reluctant. Daryl struggles to adjust to the Claimers' rules.

  51. A

    Season 4, Episode 16
    Air date: Mar-30-2014

    Rick, Carl and Michonne cross paths with the Claimers once again on the way to Terminus, as the so-called sanctuary begins to reveal its true face.

  52. No Sanctuary

    Season 5, Episode 1
    Air date: Oct-12-2014

    Carol takes drastic action to rescue Rick and the group from the cannibals of Terminus as she and Tyreese reach the compound.

  53. Strangers

    Season 5, Episode 2
    Air date: Oct-19-2014

    Out of Terminus, the group cross paths with a mysterious priest and take shelter in his church. As Daryl and Carol follow a lead to the whereabouts of Beth, the others begin to realize that they're being hunted.

  54. Four Walls and a Roof

    Season 5, Episode 3
    Air date: Oct-26-2014

    As Bob's life hangs in the balance, the group prepare to face off against Gareth and the hunters of Terminus.

  55. Slabtown

    Season 5, Episode 4
    Air date: Nov-02-2014

    After being separated from Daryl, Beth finds herself in Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, now controlled by what's left of the police force.

  56. Self Help

    Season 5, Episode 5
    Air date: Nov-09-2014

    As Glenn, Maggie, Abraham and co. head to D.C., a new revelation threatens to put the whole journey to a halt.

  57. Consumed

    Season 5, Episode 6
    Air date: Nov-16-2014

    Daryl and Carol chase the white-crossed car to a desolated Atlanta with hopes of finding Beth and her kidnappers.

  58. Crossed

    Season 5, Episode 7
    Air date: Nov-23-2014

    While Carl, Michonne and Gabriel hold down the church, Rick takes a rescue mission to Atlanta, as Abraham's group deal with the fallout from Eugene's revelation.

  59. Coda

    Season 5, Episode 8
    Air date: Nov-30-2014

    Rick and the group go face-to-face against Dawn Lerner and her officers in an attempt to save both Beth and Carol without any more bloodshed.

  60. What Happened and What's Going On

    Season 5, Episode 9
    Air date: Feb-08-2015

    Rick, Glenn, Michonne and Tyreese take Noah to his home in Shirewilt Estates with hopes of finding sanctuary, but what they encounter is something else entirely.

  61. Them

    Season 5, Episode 10
    Air date: Feb-15-2015

    Grieving from the deaths of Beth and Tyreese in different ways and with dwindling supplies, the group face the harsh road to Washington D.C.

  62. The Distance

    Season 5, Episode 11
    Air date: Feb-22-2015

    Recovering from a devastating storm, Rick and the group find themselves mistrustful of a new survivor who promises them safety in a walled-off community.

  63. Remember

    Season 5, Episode 12
    Air date: Mar-01-2015

    Scarred from their experiences in the outside world, the group struggle to adapt to the normalcy of the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

  64. Forget

    Season 5, Episode 13
    Air date: Mar-08-2015

    As Deanna throws a party for the new arrivals, Carol comes up with a plan to get the group's weapons back. Daryl bonds with Aaron, and Sasha struggles to cope.

  65. Spend

    Season 5, Episode 14
    Air date: Mar-15-2015

    Eugene is forced to step up when a run led by Glenn goes awry. In Alexandria, Carol uncovers a secret.

  66. Try

    Season 5, Episode 15
    Air date: Mar-22-2015

    While out recruiting, Daryl and Aaron find troubling signs of human activity. Back at the safe-zone, Carl bonds with Enid, as the tension between Rick and Pete comes to a head.

  67. Conquer

    Season 5, Episode 16
    Air date: Mar-29-2015

    While the people of Alexandria decide Rick's fate, Glenn and Nicholas have their confrontation. Meanwhile, Daryl and Aaron cross paths with a familiar face, as a new threat rises.

  68. First Time Again

    Season 6, Episode 1
    Air date: Oct-12-2015

    Rick and the others have a difficult time assimilating into Alexandria; a new threat arises that could bring the group closer together or drive them further apart.

  69. JSS

    Season 6, Episode 2
    Air date: Oct-18-2015

    With Rick and the others out dealing with the herd, Carol, Morgan and the people of Alexandria must defend the safe-zone against an attack of The Wolves.

  70. Episode #6.3

    Season 6, Episode 3
    Air date: Oct-26-2015


  71. Episode #6.4

    Season 6, Episode 4
    Air date: Nov-01-2015


  72. Now

    Season 6, Episode 5
    Air date: Nov-08-2015

    While Alexandria recovers from the Wolves' attack, Maggie and Aaron set out on the search for Glenn. Meanwhile, the intimacy between Rick and Jessie grows, as the herd approaches.

  73. Episode #6.6

    Season 6, Episode 6
    Air date: Nov-15-2015


  74. Episode #6.7

    Season 6, Episode 7
    Air date: Nov-22-2015


  75. Episode #6.8

    Season 6, Episode 8
    Air date: Nov-29-2015


  76. No Way Out

    Season 6, Episode 9
    Air date: Feb-14-2016

    Rick is realizing his plan to escape is a disaster. Glenn runs into trouble while attempting to save Maggie. The Wolves leader has special plans for Denise.

  77. Episode #6.10

    Season 6, Episode 10
    Air date: Feb-21-2016


  78. Episode #6.11

    Season 6, Episode 11
    Air date: Feb-28-2016


  79. Episode #6.12

    Season 6, Episode 12
    Air date: Mar-06-2016


  80. The Same Boat

    Season 6, Episode 13
    Air date: Mar-13-2016

    In the aftermath of a minor success, members of the group are taken and held hostage.

  81. Episode #6.14

    Season 6, Episode 14
    Air date: Mar-20-2016


  82. Episode #6.15

    Season 6, Episode 15
    Air date: Mar-27-2016


  83. Episode #6.16

    Season 6, Episode 16
    Air date: Apr-03-2016


  84. Episode #7.1

    Season 7, Episode 1
    Air date: Oct-23-2016


  85. The Well

    Season 7, Episode 2
    Air date: Oct-30-2016


  86. The Cell

    Season 7, Episode 3
    Air date: Nov-06-2016


  87. Episode #7.4

    Season 7, Episode 4
    Air date: Nov-13-2016


  88. Go Getters

    Season 7, Episode 5
    Air date: Nov-20-2016

    Maggie and Sasha recover from their grief at the Hilltop. Meanwhile, Carl and Enid journey to the community, as Simon And the Saviors arrive to get their tribute.

  89. Episode #7.6

    Season 7, Episode 6
    Air date: Nov-27-2016


  90. Sing Me a Song

    Season 7, Episode 7
    Air date: Dec-04-2016

    A deeper look at the Sanctuary and the world of Negan and the Saviors; members of Alexandria look for supplies.

  91. Exodus

    Season 7, Episode 8
    Air date: Dec-11-2016