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The Vampire Diaries

2009 45min Drama, Fantasy, Horror

A high school girl is torn between two vampire brothers.
Release Date:Sep-10-2009

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  1. Pilot

    Season 1, Episode 1
    Air date: Sep-10-2009

    In the small town of Mystic Falls, teenager Elena Gilbert and her younger brother, Jeremy, struggle to come to terms with the recent death of their parents. Elena is popular amongst her ...

  2. The Night of the Comet

    Season 1, Episode 2
    Air date: Sep-17-2009

    As Mystic Falls prepares for a festival to celebrate the passing of a comet, Vicki is in the hospital recovering from the attack she can barely remember. Stefan goes to the hospital and ...

  3. Friday Night Bites

    Season 1, Episode 3
    Air date: Sep-24-2009

    Tyler tries to embarrass Stefan by throwing a football at him during practice. However, Stefan's super-skills of catching a football impresses Mr. Tanner who tries to persuade Stefan to ...

  4. Family Ties

    Season 1, Episode 4
    Air date: Oct-01-2009

    Elena asks a reluctant Stefan to go with her to the annual Founder's Park dance. Vicki gets Tyler to ask her, but later accuses him of hiding their drug-induced relationship from his Mother...

  5. You're Undead to Me

    Season 1, Episode 5
    Air date: Oct-08-2009

    With Damon still locked up and growing physically weaker, Jeremy and Vicki have gotten back together. Meanwhile, the school decides to hold a car wash to raise funds after the death of Mr. ...

  6. Lost Girls

    Season 1, Episode 6
    Air date: Oct-15-2009

    Elena demands that Stefan explain the frightening events that have been happening in Mystic Falls. In a string of flashbacks, Stefan explains how his rivalry with Damon began back in the ...

  7. Haunted

    Season 1, Episode 7
    Air date: Oct-29-2009

    As Halloween draws near, Vicki's behavior becomes more dangerous which leads Stefan to try to help her control her blood-lust. Elena tries to convince Jeremy to stay away from Vicki, but ...

  8. 162 Candles

    Season 1, Episode 8
    Air date: Nov-05-2009

    On his birthday, Stefan is surprised by a visit from Lexi, one of his oldest vampire friends. Still upset by the way events ended at the Halloween haunted house, Elena does her best to stay...

  9. History Repeating

    Season 1, Episode 9
    Air date: Nov-12-2009

    A new history teacher, named Alaric Saltzman, arrives and requests to Jeremy that he write an after-hours paper to keep his grades up. Jeremy takes a liking to his new teacher and ...

  10. The Turning Point

    Season 1, Episode 10
    Air date: Nov-19-2009

    After reading a journal kept by a Gilbert ancestor, Jeremy begins to sketch again, a hobby he quit when his parents died. Meanwhile, Sheriff Forbes notifies Damon of another vampire attack ...

  11. Bloodlines

    Season 1, Episode 11
    Air date: Jan-21-2010

    After surviving the horrific car crash, Elena, still shaken by her resemblance to Katherine Pierce, is rescued by Damon who takes on her on a road trip to Georgia where he meets with an old...

  12. Unpleasantville

    Season 1, Episode 12
    Air date: Jan-28-2010

    Damon, Elena and Stefan attend a school dance with a 1950s' theme, where Alaric introduces himself to Damon whom he suspects is the vampire that killed his wife. Stefan and Damon try to ...

  13. Children of the Damned

    Season 1, Episode 13
    Air date: Feb-04-2010

    Stefan and Damon recall the incidents that led to the rift in their relationship.

  14. Fool Me Once

    Season 1, Episode 14
    Air date: Feb-11-2010

    Stefan helps Elena and Bonnie out of a dangerous situation when they are both kidnapped by Ben and Anna. Meanwhile, Jeremy asks Anna to a party in the woods, unaware that she has her own ...

  15. A Few Good Men

    Season 1, Episode 15
    Air date: Mar-25-2010

    Matt and Caroline are surprised by the sudden reappearance of Matt's estranged mother Kelly who arrives back in Mystic Falls with an agenda. Stefan and Elena are worried about Damon's new ...

  16. There Goes the Neighborhood

    Season 1, Episode 16
    Air date: Apr-01-2010

    Anna brings a surprising guest along when she pays a visit to Damon. Elena and Stefan go on an awkward double date with Caroline and Matt, but Stefan and Matt find they have some common ...

  17. Let the Right One In

    Season 1, Episode 17
    Air date: Apr-08-2010

    When Stefan and Damon make a dangerous new enemy, Stefan suddenly finds himself in a perilous situation when a handful of the vampires from the tomb abduct him and hold him hostage in their...

  18. Under Control

    Season 1, Episode 18
    Air date: Apr-15-2010

    While Stefan struggles to control his new situation of blood lust after feeding off Elena's blood to heal, she and Jeremy are surprised by a visit from their uncle, John Gilbert, who ...

  19. Miss Mystic Falls

    Season 1, Episode 19
    Air date: Apr-22-2010

    At the Founder's Day Gala, Elena and Caroline compete with each other for the title of "Miss Mystic Falls" against other girls from town, including Tina Fell and Amber Bradley. Meanwhile, ...

  20. Blood Brothers

    Season 1, Episode 20
    Air date: Apr-29-2010

    While Stefan struggles to come to terms with his past, both he and Damon reveal parts of their history to Elena, until she finally learns the truth about how they became vampires. Pearl has...

  21. Isobel

    Season 1, Episode 21
    Air date: May-06-2010

    Isobel returns to town and stuns Alaric with her attitude and her demands that he arrange a meeting with Elena. When mother and daughter finally meet, Isobel refuses to answer most of ...

  22. Founder's Day

    Season 1, Episode 22
    Air date: May-13-2010

    On the Founder's Day, Mystic Falls celebrates one hundred and fifty years with a parade and fireworks. Stefan is upset with the revelation of Damon's feelings toward Elena. Jeremy is ...

  23. The Return

    Season 2, Episode 1
    Air date: Sep-09-2010

    John and Jeremy are almost dead when Elena arrives at home. Anna's blood saves Jeremy and the 911 brings John to the hospital. Stefan uses his blood to save John and tells him to leave ...

  24. Brave New World

    Season 2, Episode 2
    Air date: Sep-16-2010

    Caroline awakes in the hospital with hunger and she satisfies with a blood bag first and then with the blood of the night shift nurse. In the morning she finds that she can be burnt by the ...

  25. Bad Moon Rising

    Season 2, Episode 3
    Air date: Sep-23-2010

    While interacting with Uncle Mason, Tyler discretely looks for his part in dark family secrets. After breaking up a party at the swimming hole, Mason makes the shift in the basement of the ...

  26. Memory Lane

    Season 2, Episode 4
    Air date: Sep-30-2010

    Stefan is shocked that Katherine appears again to him as her and scares Elena, claiming she loves him and wants him back. He tricks Katherine to be chained and is prepared to torture her ...

  27. Kill or Be Killed

    Season 2, Episode 5
    Air date: Oct-07-2010

    Mason earns the moonstone by telling Tyler how his Lockwood vampire curse was triggered in his student days by an accidentally fatal brawl escalation on a spring-break Miami excursion, all ...

  28. Plan B

    Season 2, Episode 6
    Air date: Oct-21-2010

    Jeremy visits Damon and tells that he knows where the moonstone is and also that Tyler is not a werewolf and Damon asks him to get the stone Meanwhile Caroline has a long conversation with ...

  29. Masquerade

    Season 2, Episode 7
    Air date: Oct-28-2010

    Katherine becomes a threat to Mystic Falls and Stefan and Damon decide to stop her at the Lockwood's masquerade ball. Bonnie, Jeremy, Alaric and Caroline help the Salvatore brothers but ...

  30. Rose

    Season 2, Episode 8
    Air date: Nov-04-2010

    After the masquerade, Elena is abducted to a stately, desolate country estate by ancient vampires Trevor and Rose. Jeremy is first to notice her absence, so Stefan sets out on a rescue with...

  31. Katerina

    Season 2, Episode 9
    Air date: Nov-11-2010

    Elena puts herself in a dangerous position as she searches for the truth about Katherine's past and what her own future may hold. Knowing that Stefan would never agree to her plan, Elena ...

  32. The Sacrifice

    Season 2, Episode 10
    Air date: Dec-02-2010

    Elena decides to take matters into her own hands and offers a tempting incentive to Rose for her help. When things take an unexpected turn, however, Rose calls on Damon to deal with the ...

  33. By the Light of the Moon

    Season 2, Episode 11
    Air date: Dec-09-2010

    On the full moon, Damon asks Bonnie to cast a spell to keep Elena incapable of leaving her home. Caroline stays with Tyler imprisoned in the Lockwood's secret dungeon to protect him against...

  34. The Descent

    Season 2, Episode 12
    Air date: Jan-27-2011

    While Stefan seeks out Isobel, Damon asks Elena to take care of Rose and he meets Jules. He asks Jules the cure for werewolf bite and she tells that there is no cure. Caroline is involved ...

  35. Daddy Issues

    Season 2, Episode 13
    Air date: Feb-03-2011

    Tyler is poisoned by Jules and seeks out Caroline to tell that he knows that Stefan and Damon had killed Mason. John comes to Elena's home and tells Jenna that he is Elena's biological ...

  36. Crying Wolf

    Season 2, Episode 14
    Air date: Feb-10-2011

    Stefan accepts to spend a quality time weekend with Elena in the Gilbert lake cabin, where they find the missing diaries. Back home, Damon attends a historical society function to meet ...

  37. The Dinner Party

    Season 2, Episode 15
    Air date: Feb-17-2011

    After confirmation by apparently terrified Katherine that the single ash-bound knife can kill an original vampire, Damon invites Elijah, her maker, to a dinner party to stab him. Alaric ...

  38. The House Guest

    Season 2, Episode 16
    Air date: Feb-24-2011

    The Salvatore party is unpleasantly surprised that killing Elijah didn't harm but release Katherine. Damon indignantly rejects her flirtation. Dr. Jonas Martin uses invisible astral ...

  39. Know Thy Enemy

    Season 2, Episode 17
    Air date: Apr-07-2011

    Jeremy is delighted to have Bonnie restored to her powers, yet worried when accompanying her and Damon to the house where a 100 witches were burned to gather enough power to undo the ...

  40. The Last Dance

    Season 2, Episode 18
    Air date: Apr-14-2011

    Original vampire Klaus forces captured Katherine to torture herself. Meanwhile Klaus takes henchman witch Maddox's advice to possess Alaric's body and use his history teacher job as cover ...

  41. Klaus

    Season 2, Episode 19
    Air date: Apr-21-2011

    Resuscitated by Elena, who even hands him the dagger as proof of alliance, Elijah explain to her how his Bulgarian family became the first, still most powerful vampires, but witches ...

  42. The Last Day

    Season 2, Episode 20
    Air date: Apr-28-2011

    Klaus completes his preparations to break the moon curse but luring Tyler home to visit his mother after a non-accidental fall. The Salvatore brothers bicker worse then ever over how to ...

  43. The Sun Also Rises

    Season 2, Episode 21
    Air date: May-05-2011

    Damon sees the bite on his arm with the growing wound. Meanwhile Matt shoots Tyler and then he tells to Caroline that neither her mother nor he is compelled and they know that she is a ...

  44. As I Lay Dying

    Season 2, Episode 22
    Air date: May-12-2011

    Damon asks Elena to forgive him for biting her but she does not accept his apologies. Soon Damon is raving and he has daydreams with his life with Katherine in the past and Elena in the ...

  45. The Birthday

    Season 3, Episode 1
    Air date: Sep-15-2011

    Damon is secretly tracking down Stefan's murders and covering his slaughtering in Tennessee with Alaric. On the day of Elena's birthday, Caroline plans a party for her at Damon's house. ...

  46. The Hybrid

    Season 3, Episode 2
    Air date: Sep-22-2011

    Tyler finds his mother vervain-poisoned his beloved Caroline, realizes she ignores his cursed paternal heritage and shows her, chaining himself down at fall moon for transformation. ...

  47. The End of the Affair

    Season 3, Episode 3
    Air date: Sep-29-2011

    Klaus takes Stefan to Chicago, where he wants to resuscitate his sister Rebekah, who might hold the key to breaking the curse. Gradually, Stefan is reminded of his Prohibition period affair...

  48. Disturbing Behavior

    Season 3, Episode 4
    Air date: Oct-06-2011

    On Klaus's orders, original witch Gloria uses spells and torture to dig into helpless Stefano's memory and discover that the hybrid spell failed because the double lives. Alaric claims a '...

  49. The Reckoning

    Season 3, Episode 5
    Air date: Oct-13-2011

    Despite all that has happened, Caroline is determined to see that Elena, Bonnie, Matt and Tyler all enjoy a traditional Senior Prank Night before the school year begins at Mystic Falls High...

  50. Smells Like Teen Spirit

    Season 3, Episode 6
    Air date: Oct-20-2011

    Elena meets Stephan at the high school and he tells that he is watching her following Klaus's order. Rebekah, who is living at the Salvatore's house, goes to the same classroom of Elena. ...

  51. Ghost World

    Season 3, Episode 7
    Air date: Oct-27-2011

    On the day of the Night of the Illumination in Mystic Falls, Mason ties Damon to a chair and the vampire believes that it is a prank of his brother Stephan. Later Mason tells that he is ...

  52. Ordinary People

    Season 3, Episode 8
    Air date: Nov-03-2011

    Damon, Alaric and Elena reach a hidden cage in the secret tunnel beneath the Lockwood mansion. Alaric studies the runes and primitive pictures, which indicate it was the home of an ancient ...

  53. Homecoming

    Season 3, Episode 9
    Air date: Nov-10-2011

    The homecoming dance becomes the backdrop for a battle of lethal wits between Damon's party, including Mikael and Rebeka although not at all reconciled, and Klaus's, which fields the ...

  54. The New Deal

    Season 3, Episode 10
    Air date: Jan-05-2012

    Bonnie has weird dreams with four coffins. Jeremy hangs around with Tyler and invites him in his house. Stephan meets Bonnie and asks her to hide the coffins of Klaus's family. Klaus tries ...

  55. Our Town

    Season 3, Episode 11
    Air date: Jan-12-2012

    Bonnie tries to open the coffin and overhears something, but Damon and Stephan arrive in the house and Damon kills the hybrid. Elena and Bonnie are preparing a birthday party for Caroline ...

  56. The Ties That Bind

    Season 3, Episode 12
    Air date: Jan-19-2012

    Prophetic dreams about the mysterious fourth coffin lead Bonnie and Elena to a surprising source, while Tyler seeks help to break free from Klaus' bond so he can be with Caroline. Alaric's ...

  57. Bringing Out the Dead

    Season 3, Episode 13
    Air date: Feb-02-2012

    Now Klaus has Elijah back, they host a dinner party to negotiate a future with the Salvatore brothers, who actually procrastinate. Meanwhile combined witchcraft finally opens the mystery ...

  58. Dangerous Liaisons

    Season 3, Episode 14
    Air date: Feb-09-2012

    Now Klaus's original family's coffins are open, he's supplanted as family head by their sorceress-maker, mother Esther, who holds a grand ball in their splendidly restored mansion. ...

  59. All My Children

    Season 3, Episode 15
    Air date: Feb-16-2012

    After starting her day with a startling discovery of Damons' latest indiscretion, Elena is frustrated to find that none of her friends agree with her on how they should react to the ...

  60. 1912

    Season 3, Episode 16
    Air date: Mar-15-2012

    Alaric is in jail accused by Dr. Fells of murder of the founders. Sheriff Forbes advises Damon to not interfere in her investigation. Damon recalls with Stefan the year of 1912, when a ...

  61. Break on Through

    Season 3, Episode 17
    Air date: Mar-22-2012

    Stefan still struggles desperately to get his blood-lust back under control. Damon keeps an eye on him, but has other priorities. Damon's former teacher Sage returns as his lover, in a ...

  62. The Murder of One

    Season 3, Episode 18
    Air date: Mar-29-2012

    The brothers mobilize Alaric, Matt, Caroline and reluctant Elena to help kill at least one original, hence all, with the twelve stakes they forged from the remaining white oak shoots wood. ...

  63. Heart of Darkness

    Season 3, Episode 19
    Air date: Apr-19-2012

    Caroline is thrilled when Tyler returns to town, but Tyler soon suspects that something has been going on between Caroline and Klaus. Matt tries to keep Rebecca (CLAIRE HOLT) busy.

  64. Do Not Go Gentle

    Season 3, Episode 20
    Air date: Apr-26-2012

    The 1920s Decade Dance takes a deadly turn when Damon and Stefan realize they need the help of Matt, Jeremy and Bonnie to undo a spell that could be devastating for everyone.

  65. Before Sunset

    Season 3, Episode 21
    Air date: May-03-2012

    Klaus acts on his intentions to leave town with Elena, but finds resistance from a surprising new enemy. Damon and Stefan have a surprisingly candid conversation about the future.

  66. The Departed

    Season 3, Episode 22
    Air date: May-10-2012

    In the third season finale, determined to protect his sister, Jeremy makes a decision that will change everything. Bonnie makes a secret deal that has heartbreaking consequences.

  67. Growing Pains

    Season 4, Episode 1
    Air date: Oct-11-2012

    In the fourth season premiere, Elena awakens after the accident to find the thing she dreaded most has come true. Damon is furious with Stefan, and takes out his rage on Matt.

  68. Memorial

    Season 4, Episode 2
    Air date: Oct-18-2012

    Stefan and Damon argue about what is best for Elena. Jeremy and Matt are surprised to see a girl they used to know, April (GRACE PHIPPS), enrolling at Mystic Falls High.

  69. The Rager

    Season 4, Episode 3
    Air date: Oct-25-2012

    Elena learns confronting Rebekah (CLAIRE HOLT) can be dangerous. Tyler gets a surprise visit from Hayley (PHOEBE TONKIN - The Secret Circle), a werewolf who helped him with Klaus.

  70. The Five

    Season 4, Episode 4
    Air date: Nov-01-2012

    At a fraternity costume party, Damon gives Elena a lesson in choosing a victim. Klaus reveals an encounter with a group of vampire hunters - flashing back to 12th century Italy.

  71. The Killer

    Season 4, Episode 5
    Air date: Nov-08-2012

    Stefan and Klaus form an uneasy alliance to try and contain the danger that Connor (TODD WILLIAMS) has unleashed. Professor Shane (DAVID ALPAY) works with Bonnie.

  72. We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes

    Season 4, Episode 6
    Air date: Nov-15-2012

    Terrifying hallucinations leave Elena shaken and confused and she makes a painful confession to Stefan. Matt gives Damon startling information about Professor Shane (DAVID ALPAY).

  73. My Brother's Keeper

    Season 4, Episode 7
    Air date: Nov-29-2012

    At the annual Miss Mystic Falls Pageant, Elena and Caroline give April (GRACE PHIPPS) advice, while Tyler and Hayley (PHOEBE TONKIN) work together on a secret project.

  74. We'll Always Have Bourbon Street

    Season 4, Episode 8
    Air date: Dec-06-2012

    Damon and Stefan visit New Orleans in hopes of finding someone who remembers their last visit in 1942. MADELINE ZIMA (Californication) guest stars as one of Damon's former flames.

  75. O Come, All Ye Faithful

    Season 4, Episode 9
    Air date: Dec-13-2012

    It's a winter wonderland in Mystic Falls. Plus, Professor Shane (DAVID ALPAY) reveals a piece of ancient history that leaves everyone speechless.

  76. After School Special

    Season 4, Episode 10
    Air date: Jan-17-2013

    Rebekah (CLAIRE HOLT) is back with a vengeance. Bonnie is uncomfortable when her father, Rudy Hopkins (RICK WORTHY - Supernatural), accepts the role of Interim Mayor.

  77. Catch Me If You Can

    Season 4, Episode 11
    Air date: Jan-24-2013

    Jeremy is furious when Klaus tries to control him by putting Matt's life in danger. Damon coaches Jeremy as he prepares to take on Klaus' new vampires, but they find that Kol has beaten ...

  78. A View to a Kill

    Season 4, Episode 12
    Air date: Jan-31-2013

    When the 1980s Decade Dance at the high school is cancelled by Mayor Hopkins (RICK WORTHY), Stefan finds a charming way to make it up to a disappointed Rebekah (CLAIRE HOLT).

  79. Into the Wild

    Season 4, Episode 13
    Air date: Feb-07-2013

    Shane (DAVID ALPAY) leads an expedition to a desolate island, where he believes the secret of the cure lies hidden. Rebekah (CLAIRE HOLT) and Elena continue their bitter rivalry.

  80. Down the Rabbit Hole

    Season 4, Episode 14
    Air date: Feb-14-2013

    Damon has an ugly run-in with a Hunter, Vaughn (CHARLIE BEWLEY - The Twilight Saga), and realizes he is one of the Five. Stefan admits his feelings about possibly becoming human.

  81. Stand by Me

    Season 4, Episode 15
    Air date: Feb-21-2013

    Damon and Rebekah (CLAIRE HOLT) learn an unexpected bit of recent history from Vaughn (CHARLIE BEWLEY). Bonnie reveals the rest of Shane's (DAVID ALPAY) plan.

  82. Bring It On

    Season 4, Episode 16
    Air date: Mar-14-2013

    Elena's new outlook has everyone concerned. Damon and Rebekah (CLAIRE HOLT) work together, but his unwanted advice catches her off-guard. Klaus tries to use Hayley (PHOEBE TONKIN).

  83. Because the Night

    Season 4, Episode 17
    Air date: Mar-21-2013

    Realizing that Elena needs some time away from Mystic Falls, Damon takes her to New York City. Flashbacks reveal Damon's hedonistic life there in the 1970s.

  84. American Gothic

    Season 4, Episode 18
    Air date: Mar-28-2013

    While in a small town in Pennsylvania with Rebekah (CLAIRE HOLT), Elena has a surprising encounter with Elijah (DANIEL GILLIES). Klaus receives Caroline's reluctant help.

  85. Pictures of You

    Season 4, Episode 19
    Air date: Apr-18-2013

    When Caroline's plans for the perfect Senior Prom night are disrupted by Elena, she turns to an amused Klaus for a solution. Bonnie makes a terrifying discovery.

  86. The Originals

    Season 4, Episode 20
    Air date: Apr-25-2013

    Klaus returns to his past in New Orleans and meets with his former protégé, Marcel (CHARLES MICHAEL DAVIS), a charismatic vampire with control over the city's inhabitants.

  87. She's Come Undone

    Season 4, Episode 21
    Air date: May-02-2013

    The Salvatore brothers ask for backup from a surprising source when Elena calls their bluff. Katherine is suspicious when Bonnie makes her an offer.

  88. The Walking Dead

    Season 4, Episode 22
    Air date: May-09-2013

    Someone has been attacking patients at the hospital. A violent wind storm causes a power outage and ghosts suddenly appear - some with good intentions and some bent on revenge.

  89. Graduation

    Season 4, Episode 23
    Air date: May-16-2013

    Season finale: It's Graduation Day. Damon's life is in danger and Elena faces an epic confrontation. Plus, Stefan discovers a horrifying clue to the mystery surrounding Silas.

  90. I Know What You Did Last Summer

    Season 5, Episode 1
    Air date: Oct-03-2013

    As the fifth season opens, Elena, after a passionate summer with Damon, heads to college nearby with Caroline as her roommate. Plus, a terrifying appearance by Silas (PAUL WESLEY).

  91. True Lies

    Season 5, Episode 2
    Air date: Oct-10-2013

    A fellow Whitmore student named Jesse (KENDRICK SAMPSON) gives Elena some intriguing information about Professor Wes Maxfield (RICK COSNETT). Damon asks for help finding Stefan.

  92. Original Sin

    Season 5, Episode 3
    Air date: Oct-17-2013

    When Elena and Katherine have the same dream that Stefan is in danger and desperately needs their help, they convince Damon to help them find Stefan. However, their plans are thwarted by a ...

  93. For Whom the Bell Tolls

    Season 5, Episode 4
    Air date: Oct-24-2013

    Damon and Elena try to help Stefan through a confusing time, which ends up taking Elena on an emotional journey. Caroline makes an effort to know Jesse (KENDRICK SAMPSON) better.

  94. Monster's Ball

    Season 5, Episode 5
    Air date: Oct-31-2013

    On campus, Elena is touched by a sad and secretive student named Aaron. Elena and Damon attend the Whitmore Historical Ball dressed as Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII. At the ball, Elena shares ...

  95. Handle with Care

    Season 5, Episode 6
    Air date: Nov-07-2013

    Silas happily announces his new goal to Damon and Elena, but they are skeptical when he promises to accomplish one important task in return for their help. Tessa (recurring guest star ...

  96. Death and the Maiden

    Season 5, Episode 7
    Air date: Nov-14-2013

    The power of doppelgangers.... While Elena and Damon try to explain Amara's (played by series star NINA DOBREV) situation to Stefan, Dr. Wes Maxfield (recurring guest star RICK COSNETT) ...

  97. Dead Man on Campus

    Season 5, Episode 8
    Air date: Nov-21-2013

    At Whitmore College, Elena and Caroline decide it's time to throw a big party, but their plans are interrupted when Jesse suddenly needs Caroline's help. At Elena's request, Damon comes up ...

  98. The Cell

    Season 5, Episode 9
    Air date: Dec-05-2013

    Damon is trapped by Dr. Wes, and realizes scary things about his past.

  99. Fifty Shades of Grayson

    Season 5, Episode 10
    Air date: Dec-12-2013

    Damon realizes Elena is in danger and enlists Stefan's help to find her. The brothers pay a visit to Aaron, and Damon shocks Stefan by revealing his first-hand knowledge of Aaron's family. ...

  100. 500 Years of Solitude

    Season 5, Episode 11
    Air date: Jan-23-2014

    Back to Katherine's early life 1490, Nadia helps her mom with a fighting plan.

  101. The Devil Inside

    Season 5, Episode 12
    Air date: Jan-30-2014

    Damon tries to get back together with Elena, however, Katherine has a plan and attempts to take Elena's body permanently. Tyler is upset with Caroline and Matt is used by Katherine. Enzo finds Damon and they decide to become a team again.

  102. Total Eclipse of the Heart

    Season 5, Episode 13
    Air date: Feb-06-2014

    Hoping to help everyone move past recent traumatic events, Caroline convinces Elena and Bonnie to attend Whitmore College's "Bitter Ball" for broken-hearted students. Bonnie is intrigued ...

  103. No Exit

    Season 5, Episode 14
    Air date: Feb-27-2014

    As Damon's behavior escalates from destructive to deadly, Stefan begins to regret their last conversation and decides to track Damon down and intervene. For reasons of her own, Elena ...

  104. Gone Girl

    Season 5, Episode 15
    Air date: Mar-06-2014

    While Nadia remembers her centuries-long search for her mother, Stefan, Caroline and Matt come up with a desperate new plan to save Elena's life. For the second time, Bonnie and Jeremy must...

  105. While You Were Sleeping

    Season 5, Episode 16
    Air date: Mar-20-2014

    When Stefan tries to explain recent events to a very sick Elena, her first instinct is to call Damon. At the same time, Damon is trying to figure out how to make a disturbing confession to ...

  106. Rescue Me

    Season 5, Episode 17
    Air date: Mar-27-2014

    Bonnie has an unsettling encounter with Luke (CHRIS BROCHU), and learns more about his family history. The Travelers' leader, Markos (RAFFI BARSOUMIAN), arrives in Mystic Falls.

  107. Resident Evil

    Season 5, Episode 18
    Air date: Apr-17-2014

    Both Stefan and Elena are suddenly having unsettling dreams of an alternate version of the life they might have had together. Bonnie has a disturbing encounter with Grams, who warns her ...

  108. Man on Fire

    Season 5, Episode 19
    Air date: Apr-24-2014

    Enzo holds Elena, Stefan and Bonnie hostage to uncover the truth about the love of his life. Markos performs a ritual to undo witch's magic.

  109. What Lies Beneath

    Season 5, Episode 20
    Air date: May-01-2014

    Damon and Caroline suspect Stefan and Elena of keeping a secret while they hide from the travelers, unaware of the dead man out for revenge. Meanwhile Matt, Jeremy and Bonnie help Tyler get rid of Julian.

  110. Promised Land

    Season 5, Episode 21
    Air date: May-08-2014

    When Stefan and Elena escape from Markos' control, only to find themselves Stranded in a remote location, Stefan gets philosophical with Elena about her relationship with Damon. After their...

  111. Home

    Season 5, Episode 22
    Air date: May-15-2014

    Damon's plan causes a huge explosion in Mystic Falls, and everyone is caught up in the confusion, leaving a trail of heroism, sacrifice, relief and despair.

  112. I'll Remember

    Season 6, Episode 1
    Air date: Oct-02-2014

    Four months have gone by since the Other Side broke down and Bonnie and Damon were lost. Mystic Falls is still a supernatural-free area. Everyone is grieving in their own ways, and some worse than others.

  113. Yellow Ledbetter

    Season 6, Episode 2
    Air date: Oct-09-2014

    Knowing she needs to come to terms with the loss of Damon, Elena turns to Alaric to help her move on with her life. Enzo convinces Caroline to join him as he tracks down a lead to get Damon...

  114. Welcome to Paradise

    Season 6, Episode 3
    Air date: Oct-16-2014

    Caroline admits that she has feelings for Stefan.

  115. Black Hole Sun

    Season 6, Episode 4
    Air date: Oct-23-2014

    Damon and Bonnie are trying to come up with a way to come back from the otherside, while Stefan tries to help Elena start fresh.

  116. The World Has Turned and Left Me Here

    Season 6, Episode 5
    Air date: Oct-30-2014

    Homecoming is around the corner! There is a party in a corn maze but a devastating accident turns things around quickly which makes things go from fun to bad in an instant.

  117. The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get

    Season 6, Episode 6
    Air date: Nov-06-2014

    Now that Damon is back, Elena is deciding whether or not to have her memories of him back. Things so south very quickly.

  118. Do You Remember the First Time?

    Season 6, Episode 7
    Air date: Nov-13-2014

    Elena is forced to confront her problems; Liv and Tyler get closer; Damon finds a surprising clue that renews his hope.

  119. Fade Into You

    Season 6, Episode 8
    Air date: Nov-20-2014

    Elena gets some hopeful news from Alaric and Stefan regarding the Gemini Coven; Tyler tries to help Liv and Luke after learning of disturbing plans the coven has for them; dinner takes a ...

  120. I Alone

    Season 6, Episode 9
    Air date: Dec-04-2014

    Matt figures out Enzo is still a threat. Joe and Alaric get closer, while Stefen and Caroline have their own issues.

  121. Christmas Through Your Eyes

    Season 6, Episode 10
    Air date: Dec-11-2014

    Bonnie tries to replicate her favorite traditions, while reminiscing about happier times with her friends; Sheriff Forbes brings holiday cheer to Caroline at Whitmore College; Alaric turns ...

  122. Woke Up with a Monster

    Season 6, Episode 11
    Air date: Jan-22-2015

    As Kai learns how to control his magic, he holds Elena captive; Caroline and Stefan go to North Carolina in search of a cure for Sheriff Forbes; Damon realizes Elena has been kidnapped.

  123. Prayer for the Dying

    Season 6, Episode 12
    Air date: Jan-29-2015

    When Liv (recurring guest star PENELOPE MITCHELL) and Luke's (recurring guest star CHRIS BROCHU) father arrives to town to celebrate their birthday, they try and convince him to let Jo (...

  124. The Day I Tried to Live

    Season 6, Episode 13
    Air date: Feb-05-2015

    Elena is determined to celebrate Bonnie's birthday; after learning Stefan's secret, Enzo wants to interfere in Sarah Salvatore's life; Caroline struggles to cope with everything going on around her.

  125. Stay

    Season 6, Episode 14
    Air date: Feb-12-2015

    Elena and Jeremy reminisce about their past; Caroline and Stefan grow closer; Sheriff Forbes asks Damon for help with a case involving Elena's parents; Enzo lures Matt and Sarah into his plan.

  126. Let Her Go

    Season 6, Episode 15
    Air date: Feb-19-2015

    Everybody gathers for the funeral of Liz Forbes. Elena is worried Caroline isn't coping as well as everyone believes.

  127. The Downward Spiral

    Season 6, Episode 16
    Air date: Mar-12-2015

    Stefan blames himself for Care turning off her emotions. Damon needs to tell his brother their mom's alive. Enzo starts having feelings for Sarah.

  128. A Bird in a Gilded Cage

    Season 6, Episode 17
    Air date: Mar-19-2015

    Elena and Damon try to save his mom. Stefan and Caroline still have no humanity and Bonnie deals with her issues with Ki.

  129. I Could Never Love Like That

    Season 6, Episode 18
    Air date: Apr-16-2015

    Damon concocts a risky plan to stop Caroline and Stefan from wreaking havoc.

  130. Because

    Season 6, Episode 19
    Air date: Apr-23-2015

    Damon tries to decide if he should tell Elena about the cure; Bonnie learns that she was betrayed.

  131. I'd Leave My Happy Home for You

    Season 6, Episode 20
    Air date: Apr-30-2015

    Damon and Elena talk about the consequences of Damon's offer; Enzo asks Stefan to help with Lily.

  132. I'll Wed You in the Golden Summertime

    Season 6, Episode 21
    Air date: May-07-2015

    Elena and Bonnie help Jo with last minute wedding preparations.

  133. I'm Thinking of You All the While

    Season 6, Episode 22
    Air date: May-14-2015

    In the aftermath of Jo, and Alarics wedding, an unexpected guest shows up, putting Elena's life in jeopardy. Despite Matt's attempt to leave town to save himself, bonnie takes matters into ...

  134. Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take

    Season 7, Episode 1
    Air date: Oct-08-2015


  135. Never Let Me Go

    Season 7, Episode 2
    Air date: Oct-15-2015

    Damon makes a decision that could ruin Lily and Stefan's deal; Alraic needs Bonnie's help with an artifact; Caroline discovers a shocking secret.

  136. Age of Innocence

    Season 7, Episode 3
    Air date: Oct-22-2015


  137. I Carry Your Heart with Me

    Season 7, Episode 4
    Air date: Oct-29-2015


  138. Live Through This

    Season 7, Episode 5
    Air date: Nov-05-2015


  139. Best Served Cold

    Season 7, Episode 6
    Air date: Nov-12-2015

    After being reunited with her former love Julian, Lily hosts a dinner party to introduce him to Damon and Stefan and to declare peace between her family of Heretics and the residents of ...

  140. Episode #7.7

    Season 7, Episode 7
    Air date: N/A


  141. Episode #7.8

    Season 7, Episode 8
    Air date: N/A


  142. Episode #7.9

    Season 7, Episode 9
    Air date: Dec-10-2015


  143. Episode #7.10

    Season 7, Episode 10
    Air date: N/A


  144. Things We Lost in the Fire

    Season 7, Episode 11
    Air date: Feb-05-2016


  145. Postcards from the Edge

    Season 7, Episode 12
    Air date: Feb-12-2016

    Stefan uncovers the reason behind Damon's dark descent following his experience in the Phoenix stone.

  146. This Woman's Work

    Season 7, Episode 13
    Air date: Feb-19-2016

    Vampire hunter Rayna Cruz is on the loose and Damon has to make things right when his actions inadvertently put his loved ones in her path.

  147. Episode #7.14

    Season 7, Episode 14
    Air date: Feb-26-2016


  148. I Would for You

    Season 7, Episode 15
    Air date: Mar-04-2016


  149. Days of Future Past

    Season 7, Episode 16
    Air date: Apr-01-2016

    Stefan will find himself with a choice to make and his decision will determine the fates of everyone he cares about, especially Damon.

  150. I Went to the Woods

    Season 7, Episode 17
    Air date: Apr-08-2016

    In the aftermath of his brother's fateful decision, Stefan awakens to find himself thrown into a life or death situation with only his basic instincts to rely on. With time working against ...

  151. Episode #7.18

    Season 7, Episode 18
    Air date: Apr-15-2016


  152. Episode #7.19

    Season 7, Episode 19
    Air date: N/A


  153. Episode #7.20

    Season 7, Episode 20
    Air date: Apr-29-2016


  154. Requiem for a Dream

    Season 7, Episode 21
    Air date: May-06-2016

    When Damon's risky attempt to save Bonnie takes an unexpected turn, the consequences of his actions forces everyone to band together to help her pull through. Meanwhile, when a new threat ...

  155. Episode #7.22

    Season 7, Episode 22
    Air date: May-13-2016


  156. Hello Brother

    Season 8, Episode 1
    Air date: Oct-21-2016


  157. Today Will Be Different

    Season 8, Episode 2
    Air date: Oct-28-2016

    After learning someone from Stefan's past might be Damon and Enzo's next target, Stefan, Bonnie and Caroline head to North Carolina. While there, Bonnie takes drastic measures in an attempt...

  158. You Decided That I Was Worth Saving

    Season 8, Episode 3
    Air date: Nov-04-2016


  159. An Entirely of Misery

    Season 8, Episode 4
    Air date: Nov-11-2016


  160. Coming Home Was a Mistake

    Season 8, Episode 5
    Air date: Nov-18-2016


  161. Detoured on Some Random Backwoods Path to Hell

    Season 8, Episode 6
    Air date: Dec-02-2016

    When her children become the focus of the Siren's latest plan, Caroline (Candice King) takes drastic measures to ensure nothing gets in the way of keeping her family safe. In a race against...

  162. Episode #8.7

    Season 8, Episode 7
    Air date: Dec-09-2016