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Last Man Standing

2011 45min Comedy

A married father of three tries to maintain his manliness in a world increasingly dominated by women.
Release Date:Oct-11-2011

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  1. Private Coach

    Season 1, Episode 1
    Air date: Mar-08-2013

    Mike hires a soccer coach to help Eve improve her game so she has a better chance at a college scholarship. The coach is extremely attractive and all the woman swoon over him. Mandy wants Kyle to be jealous that she lusts after another man.

  2. Last Baby Proof Standing

    Season 1, Episode 2
    Air date: Oct-11-2011

    Mike is outnumbered by his wife and daughters when they all agree that baby proofing the house is a good idea. But soon Vanessa has second thoughts when she finds herself home by herself ...

  3. Last Halloween Standing

    Season 1, Episode 4
    Air date: Oct-25-2011

    Mike feels let down when his daughters aren't into celebrating Halloween with him the way they used to. He decides that his two-year-old grandson, Boyd, can be his perfect trick or treat ...

  4. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

    Season 1, Episode 9
    Air date: Nov-29-2011

    A new couple moves in the neighborhood and Vanessa invites them to dinner. Mike finds out they are lesbians and is initially put off. Then he hits it off as a pal to one of them, but ...

  5. Last Christmas Standing

    Season 1, Episode 10
    Air date: Dec-06-2011

    Mike's Christmas spirit gets dampened when Ryan (Nick Jonas), the father of Kristen's baby, unexpectedly comes back to town after a long absence. Kristin's boyfriend, Kyle, also doesn't ...

  6. The Passion of the Mandy

    Season 1, Episode 11
    Air date: Dec-13-2011

    Mike, amazed that Mandy might finally have found a passion for something, takes her under his wing at work when she offers to start an Internet campaign to keep Ed's favorite barber shop ...

  7. Take Your Daughter to Work

    Season 1, Episode 13
    Air date: Jan-10-2012

    Ed hires his daughter, Gabriella, as a marketing consultant which frustrates Mike. Also, Mike and Eve find a stray dog; the family attempts to get it back to its owner.

  8. Odd Couple Out

    Season 1, Episode 14
    Air date: Jan-17-2012

    Vanessa discovers that she and Mike are no longer invited to their neighbor's parties because of something Mike said. Mike tries to make amends after Vanessa gets upset. Meanwhile, the ...

  9. Baxter & Sons

    Season 1, Episode 18
    Air date: Feb-21-2012

    Mike's father Bud, and his brother Jim, arrive in town with thoughts of building an Outdoor Man store in a new location. Jim tries to get a loan at a bank, but end up arguing more than requesting the loan.

  10. Ding Dong Ditch

    Season 1, Episode 19
    Air date: Feb-28-2012

    The Baxters are constantly awakened by an early morning prankster who rings their doorbell and then runs away. When Mike catches the teen-aged boy, the kid injures himself and now his ...

  11. This Bud's for You

    Season 1, Episode 22
    Air date: Apr-17-2012

    Mike's father Bud moves into town and begins working on a new Outdoor Man store. His girlfriend moves in with him. Mike is upset at his father living with a woman.

  12. The Spotlight

    Season 1, Episode 23
    Air date: May-01-2012

    Vanessa has been volunteering a lot and gets a recognition plaque. Mike steals the spotlight and upsets Vanessa.

  13. Found Money

    Season 1, Episode 24
    Air date: May-08-2012

    Vanessa's sister April visits and only wants to borrow money. Kristen and Kyle break up.

  14. Voting

    Season 2, Episode 1
    Air date: Nov-02-2012

    It's election day and first time voter Mandy has a choice to make in who she votes for President. Conservative Mike pushes Mitt Romney and Liberal Kristen adores Barrack Obama. Her mother ...

  15. Ed's Twice Ex-Wife

    Season 2, Episode 4
    Air date: Nov-23-2012

    Ed's ex-wife is back in town, and he thinks she wants to get together again. He starts to fall in love with her again. Kristen helps Mandy get a job at the restaurant where she works. It does not go well.

  16. Mother Fracker

    Season 2, Episode 5
    Air date: Nov-30-2012

    Vanessa gives a talk at Eve's school for career day. When Eve finds out what her mother does at an oil company, she accuses her mother of destroying the land. Mike tells her to apologize to Vanessa. She refuses and camps outside the house.

  17. Putting a Hit on Christmas

    Season 2, Episode 7
    Air date: Dec-14-2012

    Vanessa is tired of holiday preparations. Mike decides to give her a stress-free Christmas by arranging for their children and grandson to take a holiday trip. While hunting for a turkey, Ed accidentally shoots a bald eagle.

  18. The Help

    Season 2, Episode 10
    Air date: Jan-18-2013

    Mike & Vanessa hire a maid who helps out in many ways. Mike makes sure she has a green card, and she does. It makes him wonder about the hires at work. A long time employee does not, and Mike tries to find a way to keep him at work.

  19. Quarterback Boyfriend

    Season 2, Episode 12
    Air date: Feb-08-2013

    Mike hires the boy Mandy is interested in dating - the school football team quarterback and it turns out he is not a good worker. Mandy loses interest when she realizes he is a slacker when...

  20. What's in a Name?

    Season 2, Episode 13
    Air date: Feb-15-2013

    Ryan wants Boyd to have his last name instead of using Baxter. Since Ryan is more in Boyd's life, Kristin is considering it. Mike decides to enter a father and son derby car race with Boyd ...

  21. Buffalo Bill Day

    Season 2, Episode 14
    Air date: Feb-22-2013

    The store puts on a show for Buffalo Bill Day, starring the employees and Mike's children. Mike tries to keep it politically correct. Mandy and Kyle start a relationship.

  22. College Girl

    Season 2, Episode 18
    Air date: Mar-22-2013

    Mandy gets accepted to two colleges and accepts at the more expensive one. Eve practices for an event in ROTC. Kristen feels her sisters are advancing and she is stagnant, especially when she meets a successful former co-worker.

  23. Back to School

    Season 3, Episode 1
    Air date: Sep-20-2013

    Since Kristen and Ryan are in their own home, Mike and Vanessa miss seeing Boyd all the time. When Mike finds out Boyd is in a different school district and the school is in a bad part of ...

  24. Driving Lessons

    Season 3, Episode 2
    Air date: Sep-27-2013

    Although Mike is having a great time teaching Eve how to drive, he thinks Vanessa should take over so she can have a chance to bond with her daughter.

  25. Haunted House

    Season 3, Episode 5
    Air date: Oct-18-2013

    Vanessa takes over the Halloween Haunted House at Boyd's school. They let Boyd go through the haunt before the party to make sure it is scary. It turns out to be too frightening. Eve gets upset when Mandy tells her she is not popular.

  26. Tasers

    Season 3, Episode 15
    Air date: Jan-31-2014

    A large bouquet of roses is delivered anonymously to the Baxter's house on Valentine's Day. Vanessa knows they're not for her because Mike doesn't believe in the frivolity of flowers on a Hallmark holiday.

  27. Stud Muffin

    Season 3, Episode 16
    Air date: Feb-28-2014

    The Baxter's dog impregnated the neighbor's dog. Vanessa learns Chuck is separated from Carol, and Vanessa asks Mike to talk to Chuck to help heal the marriage. Mandy hits a car and wants ...

  28. Eve's Boyfriend

    Season 3, Episode 17
    Air date: Mar-07-2014

    Eve has a new boyfriend, and when the two of them are scheduled for an ROTC camping trip, her sisters tease Eve about being alone with him. She tells her sisters she is not like them and has no plans to sleep with him.

  29. Project Mandy

    Season 3, Episode 18
    Air date: Mar-28-2014

    For a class project, Many has to showcase her clothing designs at a student fashion show and asks Eve to fill in as a model. After the show, the Baxter's are beaming with pride for Mandy's ...

  30. Hard-Ass Teacher

    Season 3, Episode 19
    Air date: Apr-04-2014

    Eve tries to avoid a class with a tough teacher so she can get straight A's and go to college at West Point.

  31. Parenting Bud

    Season 3, Episode 20
    Air date: Apr-11-2014

    When Bud gets jumped while unloading his truck, Mike tries to suggest ways for him to protect himself. Vanessa talks to the girls about caring for her and Mike in their old age.

  32. April, Come She Will

    Season 3, Episode 21
    Air date: Apr-18-2014

    Vanessa's mooching sister April returns to say she's decided to have a baby. Meanwhile at Outdoor Man, Mike tries pulling a prank on Chuck that gives him some new perspective, on "Last Man Standing".

  33. Mutton Busting

    Season 3, Episode 22
    Air date: Apr-25-2014

    Ryan convinces an overprotective Kristin to let Boyd participate in the mutton busting competition to build Boyd's confidence. Eve's boyfriend's doesn't want her to wear her JROTC uniform to the prom.

  34. Here's the Kicker

    Season 4, Episode 1
    Air date: Oct-03-2014

    Mike is ecstatic when Eve is picked to be her high school's first female kicker. But Vanessa feels high school football could be risky for their youngest daughter. Meanwhile, Eve wonders if...

  35. War Games

    Season 4, Episode 2
    Air date: Oct-03-2014

    Boyd gets sent home early from a birthday party for starting a game of "war," Ryan insists Mike stop exposing his son to action movies and video games. Meanwhile, Vanessa hopes budding ...

  36. Rediscover America

    Season 4, Episode 3
    Air date: Oct-10-2014

    Mike and Ed's friendship is put to the test by Ed's controlling girlfriend.

  37. Mike Advises Mandy

    Season 4, Episode 4
    Air date: Oct-31-2014

    Mike offers Mandy advice on how to set aside money to pay the taxes on her struggling online clothing business. But she decides to do it her way - by opening up a pop up store at Bud's Buds.

  38. School Merger

    Season 4, Episode 5
    Air date: Oct-24-2014


  39. Big Shots

    Season 4, Episode 7
    Air date: Nov-07-2014

    Mike finds himself in the middle between Kristin and Ryan when it's discovered that Boyd was never vaccinated for chicken pox. Meanwhile, Mandy refuses to believe that Kyle let Eve beat him in a shooting gallery game.

  40. Risky Behavior

    Season 4, Episode 8
    Air date: Nov-14-2014

    After Kyle is in a minor motorcycle accident, Mandy is worried for his safety. But Ed is more concerned about the company's health insurance rates rising. Meanwhile, Ed makes a surprise ...

  41. Changing Light Bulbs

    Season 4, Episode 9
    Air date: Nov-21-2014

    When Mike realizes Vanessa has given away his remaining and beloved incandescent light bulbs, he and Chuck go on a mission to track down some of the old-school bulbs. Meanwhile, Mandy ...

  42. Outdoor Man Grill

    Season 4, Episode 10
    Air date: Dec-05-2014

    Mike wants to open a fish-and-game eatery, and he invites Kristin to be his business partner. Elsewhere, Mandy needs feathers for some hats she's making, so she accompanies Eve on a pheasant hunt.

  43. Wedding Planning

    Season 4, Episode 11
    Air date: Dec-12-2014

    When Mike and Vanessa offer the cash-strapped Kristin and Ryan a very generous Christmas present to put toward their wedding, the couple must decide if they will accept -- but there's a ...

  44. Helen Potts

    Season 4, Episode 12
    Air date: Jan-09-2015

    Mike has a problem with a neighbor who likes to run her power tools early in the morning. Adding insult to injury, Vanessa befriends her. Eve learns there is more to Ed than what she sees.

  45. Mike Hires Chuck

    Season 4, Episode 13
    Air date: Jan-16-2015

    When an Outdoor Man billboard is vandalized, Mike wants to hire his neighbor Chuck's security company to protect it. But Vanessa doesn't want to mix business with friendship since she's ...

  46. Eve's Breakup

    Season 4, Episode 14
    Air date: Jan-30-2015

    Although Eve insists she's OK after her first high school break-up, everyone has an opinion as to how she should deal with her feelings. To take her mind off it, Mike has her tag along to ...

  47. Big Brother

    Season 4, Episode 15
    Air date: Feb-06-2015

    When a neighbor's security camera catches Vanessa spraying the neighborhood cat with a hose, an upset Mike feels like they don't have any privacy. But as Mike reviews the security footage, he also sees Mandy in a compromising situation.

  48. Three Sundays

    Season 4, Episode 16
    Air date: Feb-20-2015

    When Mike encourges both Ryan and Kyle to stand up for their beliefs, he sees how important it is for them to have a father figure in their lives.

  49. Kyle's Friend

    Season 4, Episode 17
    Air date: Feb-27-2015

    When a homeless man that Kyle has befriended goes missing, Mike uses his vlog to help track him down. Mandy is inspired by Kyle's good deed and in her unique way, helps a young mother from the woman's shelter.

  50. Mandy's Party

    Season 4, Episode 18
    Air date: Mar-13-2015


  51. Summer Internship

    Season 4, Episode 19
    Air date: Mar-20-2015


  52. Restaurant Opening

    Season 4, Episode 20
    Air date: Apr-03-2015

    The restaurant opens and everything is delicious, but Ryan dislikes it because he's a vegetarian.

  53. Vanessa Fixes Up Eve

    Season 4, Episode 21
    Air date: Apr-10-2015

    Vanessa plays matchmaker for Eve and sets her up with one of her students - not realizing Eve may already be going out with someone else.

  54. Daddy Dearest

    Season 4, Episode 22
    Air date: Apr-17-2015

    When Mike and Ed take Ryan and his supposedly-ailing dad, Victor, on their hunting trip, Victor admits he wasn't truthful about his reasons for finally coming to see Ryan

  55. The Wolf Returns

    Season 5, Episode 1
    Air date: Sep-25-2015

    Mike returns home after a two-month road trip; a tornado heads toward Outdoor Man and the Baxter family home.

  56. Free Range Parents

    Season 5, Episode 2
    Air date: Oct-02-2015

    Mike wants Boyd to walk home from school on his own, but Ryan's hesitant to allow this. Meanwhile, Ed and Kyle host a meeting for folks preparing for doomsday; and Eve and Mandy try to keep Vanessa in the dark about something.

  57. Ping-Pong

    Season 5, Episode 3
    Air date: Oct-09-2015


  58. Educating Boyd

    Season 5, Episode 4
    Air date: Oct-16-2015


  59. The Road Less Driven

    Season 5, Episode 5
    Air date: Oct-23-2015


  60. Halloween

    Season 5, Episode 6
    Air date: Oct-30-2015


  61. The Dad Hat

    Season 5, Episode 7
    Air date: Nov-06-2015


  62. The Big Sleepover

    Season 5, Episode 8
    Air date: Nov-13-2015


  63. The Gratitude List

    Season 5, Episode 9
    Air date: Nov-20-2015


  64. The Puck Stops Here

    Season 5, Episode 10
    Air date: Dec-04-2015


  65. Gift of the Wise Man

    Season 5, Episode 11
    Air date: Dec-11-2015


  66. Polar Run

    Season 5, Episode 12
    Air date: Jan-08-2016


  67. Mike and the Mechanics

    Season 5, Episode 13
    Air date: Jan-15-2016


  68. The Ring

    Season 5, Episode 14
    Air date: Jan-29-2016

    When Ed asks Kyle to secretly take an engagement ring to get fitted, Mike spots him with it. Now, he and Vanessa think Kyle is going to propose to Mandy.

  69. Home Sweet Loan

    Season 5, Episode 15
    Air date: Feb-05-2016


  70. Eve's Band

    Season 5, Episode 16
    Air date: Feb-19-2016

    When Eve and her friend Cammy form a new band, they sound so horrible that Mike comes up with an idea to break them up, but his plan has unexpected results. Meanwhile, Kyle and Mandy babysit Boyd.

  71. Tanks for the Memories

    Season 5, Episode 17
    Air date: Feb-26-2016

    Mike is anxious to buy the miniature tank collection once belonging to the late husband of his neighbor, Helen Potts, but when he discovers Helen already sold the collection, he goes to extremes to make the collection his own.

  72. He Shed She Shed

    Season 5, Episode 18
    Air date: Mar-11-2016


  73. Outdoor Woman

    Season 5, Episode 19
    Air date: Mar-18-2016


  74. Tattoo

    Season 5, Episode 20
    Air date: Apr-08-2016


  75. The Marriage Doctor

    Season 5, Episode 21
    Air date: Apr-15-2016


  76. The Shortcut

    Season 5, Episode 22
    Air date: Apr-22-2016

    Mike's anniversary at Outdoor Man is celebrated by a dinner and a speech.

  77. Papa Bear

    Season 6, Episode 1
    Air date: Sep-23-2016

    Kyle leaves the loading dock door open, allowing a bear to wander into Outdoor Man.

  78. Gameday Forecast: Showers

    Season 6, Episode 2
    Air date: Sep-30-2016

    When a Jack and Jill wedding shower for Mandy and Kyle is announced, Mike is disappointed to learn it's on the same day as the big Broncos-Chargers game. In an effort to catch the game with...

  79. Where There's Smoke, There's Ire

    Season 6, Episode 3
    Air date: Oct-07-2016

    Vanessa, supported by Mike, lectures Mandy on the dangers of vaping, then feels the pull of it herself as she navigates a potential teacher's strike; meanwhile Ryan and Kristen discover a safe in the basement of their new house.

  80. Boyd Will Be Boyd

    Season 6, Episode 4
    Air date: Oct-14-2016

    Boyd is turning 10 years old, and sticking with the Baxter family tradition, Mike wants nothing more than to give him a shotgun and take him hunting. Kristin is all for it but Ryan has no ...

  81. Trick or Treat

    Season 6, Episode 5
    Air date: Oct-21-2016

    It's Halloween and the Baxter family is excited for their annual party, except for Mike who's reluctantly tasked with choosing the theme. In hopes of turning everyone against the holiday, ...

  82. A New Place for One of Our People

    Season 6, Episode 6
    Air date: Nov-04-2016

    Having a difficult time supporting Eve's gap year, Mike gives her a hard lesson on surviving in the real world, but Eve's unexpected reaction throws Mike for a loop. Meanwhile, Kyle wants ...

  83. Bridezilla vs. The Baxters

    Season 6, Episode 7
    Air date: Nov-11-2016


  84. My Father the Car

    Season 6, Episode 8
    Air date: Nov-18-2016

    Mike is determined to buy a classic car that's been left to Chuck by his deceased father.

  85. Precious Snowflake

    Season 6, Episode 9
    Air date: Dec-02-2016


  86. Help Wanted

    Season 6, Episode 10
    Air date: Dec-09-2016

    Since losing her teaching job, Vanessa has been spending her time hovering over the family, and it's driving everyone nuts. Over at Kristin and Ryan's house, Ryan and Kyle are wrapped-up in...

  87. My Name Is Rob

    Season 6, Episode 11
    Air date: Dec-16-2016

    Eve introduces the family to her new boyfriend at Christmas dinner.