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2005 45min Comedy, Crime, Drama

A forensic anthropologist and a cocky FBI agent build a team to investigate death causes. And quite often, there isn't more to examine than rotten flesh or mere bones.
Release Date:Sep-12-2005

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  2. Season 2
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  8. Season 8
  9. Season 9
  10. Season 10
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  1. Pilot

    Season 1, Episode 1
    Air date: Sep-13-2005

    FBI Agent Booth needs forensic anthropologist Dr. Brennan's help to solve the case of a decomposed body found in a pond in Arlington National Cemetery. She agrees to help if she is a full partner in the case.

  2. The Man in the SUV

    Season 1, Episode 2
    Air date: Sep-20-2005

    Bones is called on to identify the body of a suspected suicide car bomber.

  3. The Man in the Bear

    Season 1, Episode 4
    Air date: Nov-01-2005

    Bones and Booth travel to Washington to investigate an arm found in a dead black bear.

  4. A Boy in a Bush

    Season 1, Episode 5
    Air date: Nov-08-2005

    When a young boy goes missing from a mall, Bones is called in to determine if it is his body found in a nearby field.

  5. The Man in the Wall

    Season 1, Episode 6
    Air date: Nov-15-2005

    Bones and Angela's night out goes bad when Bones kicks someone into a wall and reveals a mummified corpse and a bag of methamphetamines.

  6. The Man on Death Row

    Season 1, Episode 7
    Air date: Nov-22-2005

    A condemned man's lawyer makes a last minute appeal to Bones and Booth to re-examine his case. After looking over the evidence, they determine that the man may not be guilty.

  7. The Girl in the Fridge

    Season 1, Episode 8
    Air date: Nov-29-2005

    Bones and Booth investigate a missing woman found in a fridge while Bones reconnects with her former professor.

  8. The Man in the Fallout Shelter

    Season 1, Episode 9
    Air date: Dec-13-2005

    While the gang is quarantined in the lab for Christmas, they search for clues to solve the mystery of a skeleton found in a fallout shelter.

  9. The Woman at the Airport

    Season 1, Episode 10
    Air date: Jan-24-2006

    Bones and Booth travel to Los Angeles to investigate a body found on a beach. The case leads them to call girls and plastic surgeons. Back in Washington, Hodgins and Goodman clash while authenticating the remains of an Iron Age warrior.

  10. The Woman in the Car

    Season 1, Episode 11
    Air date: Jan-31-2006

    Booth and Bones work quickly to solve not only a murder, but also the kidnapping of the victim's child.

  11. The Superhero in the Alley

    Season 1, Episode 12
    Air date: Feb-08-2006

    Bones and Booth investigate a body found in an alley that is dressed in a costume. The case leads them to a missing teen involved in comic books and a role playing game.

  12. The Woman in the Garden

    Season 1, Episode 13
    Air date: Feb-15-2006

    Bones and Booth investigate the body of a woman found in the car of a gang member. The case leads them to a dangerous Central American gang and a Senator.

  13. The Man on the Fairway

    Season 1, Episode 14
    Air date: Mar-08-2006

    Bones is told to investigate a plane crash involving Chinese delegates, but she is more interested in bone fragments from a person who was not on the plane. The fragments lead to a man whose father has been missing for five years.

  14. Two Bodies in the Lab

    Season 1, Episode 15
    Air date: Mar-14-2006

    After Bones narrowly avoids being shot while on the way to a blind date, the shooter is thought to be connected to one of two murders she's investigating: one of mob boss James Cugini, the other a victim of serial killer Kevin Hollings.

  15. The Woman in the Tunnel

    Season 1, Episode 16
    Air date: Mar-22-2006

    The death of a documentary filmmaker sends Bones and Booth into the shadowy world of tunnels underneath the city.

  16. The Skull in the Desert

    Season 1, Episode 17
    Air date: Mar-29-2006

    Brennan goes to help Angela when her boyfriend goes missing in the desert, and Booth gets in on the action when the sheriff won't cooperate.

  17. The Man with the Bone

    Season 1, Episode 18
    Air date: Apr-05-2006

    After a dead body is found near a 300 year old finger bone, Booth and Brennan investigate the site, which might be hiding pirate treasure.

  18. The Man in the Morgue

    Season 1, Episode 19
    Air date: Apr-19-2006

    Bones goes to New Orleans post-Katrina and becomes involved in Voodoo guided murder.

  19. The Graft in the Girl

    Season 1, Episode 20
    Air date: Apr-26-2006

    While examining a young girl's cancer, Brennan and Booth uncover a bone-smuggling ring.

  20. The Soldier on the Grave

    Season 1, Episode 21
    Air date: May-10-2006

    Booth and Brennan's investigation into the apparent suicide of a protester in Arlington National Cemetery may lead to a major military scandal.

  21. The Woman in Limbo

    Season 1, Episode 22
    Air date: May-17-2006

    When Brennan's mother is found in the Jeffersonian's storage for unidentified remains, Booth opens an official FBI investigation to find out who killed her.

  22. The Titan on the Track

    Season 2, Episode 1
    Air date: Aug-30-2006

    An investigation into a train wreck that claimed three lives, one of them a U.S. senator. In other events, Brennan clashes with the new boss, Dr. Camille Saroyan, who has a romantic history with Booth.

  23. Mother and Child in the Bay

    Season 2, Episode 2
    Air date: Sep-06-2006

    Booth seeks out the husband of a missing pregnant woman after her remains wash up onshore, but the suspect disappears. Meanwhile, Bones continues to clash with Cam, and Booth gets a visit from his ex.

  24. The Boy in the Shroud

    Season 2, Episode 3
    Air date: Sep-13-2006

    When a tractor-trailer collides with a garbage truck, the skeleton of a 17-year old boy is found in the trash. A facial imprint from a shroud that wrapped the body helps identify the victim as a suburban honor student.

  25. The Blonde in the Game

    Season 2, Episode 4
    Air date: Sep-20-2006

    Serial killer Howard Epps returns as he reaches out from prison in a deadly game involving Bones and Booth.

  26. The Truth in the Lye

    Season 2, Episode 5
    Air date: Sep-27-2006

    A body is found in a tub filled with lye at a construction site, and Booth reexamines his feelings for his son's mother after they have a fling.

  27. The Girl in Suite 2103

    Season 2, Episode 6
    Air date: Oct-04-2006

    An explosion at a hotel has the team exploring drug cartel connections and struggling with diplomatic immunity.

  28. The Girl with the Curl

    Season 2, Episode 7
    Air date: Nov-01-2006

    When a girl's body is identified as a missing pageant queen, the investigation focuses on her parents.

  29. The Woman in the Sand

    Season 2, Episode 8
    Air date: Nov-08-2006

    A trip to Vegas to identify a body is complicated when a more recent body is found nearby.

  30. Aliens in a Spaceship

    Season 2, Episode 9
    Air date: Nov-15-2006

    When Hodgins and Brennan are buried alive, it's a race against time and a kidnapper who doesn't negotiate.

  31. The Headless Witch in the Woods

    Season 2, Episode 10
    Air date: Nov-29-2006

    The headless skeleton of a young man is found in a state forest. Brennan and Booth's investigation becomes entangled in the local legend of a woman who was decapitated as a witch in the 1780s and is said to still haunt the forest.

  32. Judas on a Pole

    Season 2, Episode 11
    Air date: Dec-13-2006

    Booth and Bones investigate a murder that is connected to Bones' father. Meanwhile, after obtaining his doctorate, Zack gets a makeover to appear more professional.

  33. The Man in the Cell

    Season 2, Episode 12
    Air date: Jan-31-2007

    After Howard Epps orchestrates an escape from his penitentiary, he starts picking off the Jeffersonian team one by one and taunting Brennan with clues to save them.

  34. The Girl in the Gator

    Season 2, Episode 13
    Air date: Feb-07-2007

    While Brennan is paired up with another FBI agent to solve the murder of a co-ed found inside an alligator in the Everglades, Booth is sent to therapy after shooting a clown-shaped speaker on an ice cream truck.

  35. The Man in the Mansion

    Season 2, Episode 14
    Air date: Feb-14-2007

    Hodgins' lapse in judgment may cause a murderer to be set free, Brennan explores the world of dating, and Booth continues his therapy.

  36. The Bodies in the Book

    Season 2, Episode 15
    Air date: Mar-14-2007

    Just as Temperance is preparing to publicize her latest book, bodies start showing up that are eerily similar to the victims in her mystery novel.

  37. The Boneless Bride in the River

    Season 2, Episode 16
    Air date: Mar-21-2007

    Bones is called back from vacation - several times - after a boneless body is found, and Sully has a proposition.

  38. The Priest in the Churchyard

    Season 2, Episode 17
    Air date: Mar-28-2007

    When Booth and Brennan keep butting heads in a case involving a Catholic church, he convinces her to see Dr. Wyatt with him, and Hodgins suggest a change in his and Angela's relationship.

  39. The Killer in the Concrete

    Season 2, Episode 18
    Air date: Apr-04-2007

    Booth's investigation into a presumed dead hit man turns quite dangerous, and Brennan ends up turning to an unlikely source for help.

  40. Spaceman in a Crater

    Season 2, Episode 19
    Air date: May-02-2007

    Bones and her team must determine how a man was flattened in a pasture when his injuries don't coincide with the theory of the crime.

  41. The Glowing Bones in 'The Old Stone House'

    Season 2, Episode 20
    Air date: May-09-2007

    Homeland security asks Bones to examine some remains, thinking they're radioactive, and although the site is cleared two questions remain: why was an up and coming chef murdered, and why are the bones still glowing?

  42. Stargazer in a Puddle

    Season 2, Episode 21
    Air date: May-16-2007

    As the wedding approaches, the team investigates the life/death of a little girl. Bones's father shows up, with an heirloom and a message from her mother.

  43. The Widow's Son in the Windshield

    Season 3, Episode 1
    Air date: Sep-25-2007

    Bones reluctantly searches for a replacement for Zack. A skull is tossed off a highway overpass and hits a vehicle. There is evidence the victim was eaten by a cannibal.

  44. Soccer Mom in the Mini-Van

    Season 3, Episode 2
    Air date: Oct-02-2007

    A soccer mom dies as her car explodes, leading the team to discover that she was a murder suspect wanted for 30 years.

  45. Death in the Saddle

    Season 3, Episode 3
    Air date: Oct-09-2007

    A body with equine markings sends Booth and Bones into a world of fetishism, and Angela agrees to undergo hypnosis to get the name of her husband.

  46. The Secret in the Soil

    Season 3, Episode 4
    Air date: Oct-23-2007

    A charred body leads to a philandering organic farming magnate.

  47. Mummy in the Maze

    Season 3, Episode 5
    Air date: Oct-30-2007

    The discovery of two mummified girls has Booth and Bones checking a fun house, a Halloween maze and a church charity for clues that may lead them to a missing girl whose parents believe she's dead.

  48. Intern in the Incinerator

    Season 3, Episode 6
    Air date: Nov-06-2007

    One of the Jeffersonian's interns is found in the incinerator, and most of the institute believes it's the work of the Gormogon serial killer.

  49. Boy in the Time Capsule

    Season 3, Episode 7
    Air date: Nov-13-2007

    A 20-year-old body is found when a time capsule is opened, and focus turns towards the victim's fellow high school students.

  50. The Knight on the Grid

    Season 3, Episode 8
    Air date: Nov-20-2007

    The Gormogon killer strikes again, and his next play is a little close to home. Russ returns to face a parole violation when his girlfriend's daughter takes a turn for the worse.

  51. The Santa in the Slush

    Season 3, Episode 9
    Air date: Nov-27-2007

    Brennan and Booth investigate the death of a Santa as Bones tries to give her father the Christmas he's always dreamed of, and Booth comes to terms with not spending the holiday with Parker.

  52. The Man in the Mud

    Season 3, Episode 10
    Air date: Apr-14-2008

    Booth and Brennan investigate the death of a motorcycle racer, and when another seeming accident occurs on the track attention turns to the team owners and a reporter, meanwhile Dr. Sweets ...

  53. Player Under Pressure

    Season 3, Episode 11
    Air date: Apr-21-2008

    The body of a star athlete is found behind the bleachers at Atlantic State University gymnasium.

  54. The Baby in the Bough

    Season 3, Episode 12
    Air date: Apr-28-2008

    Miraculously surviving a suspicious car accident that kills its mother, a baby is left with Booth and Bones who care for the infant while investigating the crime.

  55. The Verdict in the Story

    Season 3, Episode 13
    Air date: May-05-2008

    Brennan's father Max goes on trial for the alleged murder of FBI Deputy Director Robert Kirby, requiring everyone on the Jeffersonian team but Brennan to testify for the prosecution. ...

  56. The Wannabe in the Weeds

    Season 3, Episode 14
    Air date: May-12-2008

    Brennan and Booth investigate the murder of an aspiring singer, and Booth attracts a groupie.

  57. The Pain in the Heart

    Season 3, Episode 15
    Air date: May-19-2008

    Heartbreak hits the Squint Squad as they deal with the aftermath of the shooting and finally Gormogon and his Apprentice are revealed.

  58. The Yanks in the U.K.: Parts 1 and 2

    Season 4, Episode 1
    Air date: Sep-03-2008

    During Bones' stay in England, the daughter of an American businessman is murdered. The businessman insists that the FBI help with the case, so Booth and Bones investigate. Meanwhile, Angela's husband shows up at the Jeffersonian.

  59. The Man in the Outhouse

    Season 4, Episode 2
    Air date: Sep-10-2008

    A body is discovered in an outhouse. The victim is a host of show that exposes men's infidelities. Booth learns about Bones's dating situation.

  60. The Finger in the Nest

    Season 4, Episode 3
    Air date: Sep-17-2008

    While spending some time with his son, Booth finds a human finger. They find the body of a veterinarian. Hodgins starts to realize how he's been affected by the turmoil in his life.

  61. The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond

    Season 4, Episode 4
    Air date: Sep-24-2008

    The dissected body of an author with OCD is discovered by a pair of teenagers and leads the team on a search for the head and the killer. Also, Sweets and Hodgins visit Zack in the mental institution.

  62. The Crank in the Shaft

    Season 4, Episode 5
    Air date: Oct-01-2008

    Part of a leg drops into an elevator. The gruesome discovery finds the body had been in the shaft for a few days. The victim was an office manager who was disliked by everyone. As the team ...

  63. The He in the She

    Season 4, Episode 6
    Air date: Oct-08-2008

    Half a decomposed body is discovered by a pair of beach combers. They find the deceased was leader of a local religious congregation. When the other half of the body is found, they learn the leader had a hidden past.

  64. The Skull in the Sculpture

    Season 4, Episode 7
    Air date: Nov-05-2008

    A skull is found in a crushed car. The investigation leads to an artist who used crushed vehicles in his artwork, leaving the team to wonder if he made himself part of his art.

  65. The Con Man in the Meth Lab

    Season 4, Episode 8
    Air date: Nov-12-2008

    A body flies out of an exploding meth lab. As the team tries to identify the body, Booth works on a big case which could boost his career, but he's distracted when his brother shows up and shows some interest in Bones.

  66. The Passenger in the Oven

    Season 4, Episode 9
    Air date: Nov-19-2008

    Bones and Booth fly to China so Brennan can identify some remains. During the flight, a body is discovered inside an oven. Bones and Booth must solve the crime before the flight lands in China.

  67. The Bone That Blew

    Season 4, Episode 10
    Air date: Nov-26-2008

    Brennan and Booth investigate the remains of a bodyguard of two children who attend a high security school for the children of important people. Also, Cam hires Brennan's father as a teacher which causes some conflicts for Bones.

  68. Double Trouble in the Panhandle

    Season 4, Episode 11
    Air date: Jan-22-2009

    The remains of a set of conjoined twins are found on an oil field. When they find out the twins worked at a Circus, Bones and Booth go undercover to find the culprit.

  69. Fire in the Ice

    Season 4, Episode 12
    Air date: Jan-22-2009

    The body of a victim is found in a frozen lake. Booth identifies the body as a rival hockey player, making Booth a suspect in the crime. Now the Squints have to work with a new agent to solve the crime.

  70. The Hero in the Hold

    Season 4, Episode 13
    Air date: Feb-05-2009

    The Gravedigger returns and captures Booth. He wants the evidence that someone has stolen from the case, and he believes that Bones has it. Can the Squints find their friend before Booth becomes the Gravediggers latest casualty?

  71. The Princess and the Pear

    Season 4, Episode 14
    Air date: Feb-19-2009

    Booth asks Bones to fix his back again, but she ends up aggravating his condition. While Booth is sidelined, Bones works with Agent Perotta to solve the murder of a woman who was working at a Fantasy convention.

  72. The Bones That Foam

    Season 4, Episode 15
    Air date: Mar-12-2009

    Remains are discovered by a newly wed couple after they literally take the plunge. The squints soon determine the identity of the victim, but discovering the cause of death presents ...

  73. The Salt in the Wounds

    Season 4, Episode 16
    Air date: Mar-19-2009

    The remains of a volleyball player are found in a Salt Truck. They discover that she was pregnant, and that several of her friends are also pregnant.

  74. The Doctor in the Den

    Season 4, Episode 17
    Air date: Apr-02-2009

    The murder of a doctor at a Wildlife Reserve gets a little personal for Cam, when the victim turns out to be a former paramour. Angela tries to go celibate to work on her relationship issues.

  75. The Science in the Physicist

    Season 4, Episode 18
    Air date: Apr-09-2009

    The frozen shattered remains of a scientist leads the team to a highly regarded research institute. Angela's father comes to town.

  76. The Cinderella in the Cardboard

    Season 4, Episode 19
    Air date: Apr-15-2009

    The flattened remains of a woman are found in a recycling plant, leading the team to a wedding planner, the woman's fiancee, and the owner of an online dating service. As the Squints work to solve the case, Bones and Booth are at odds when it appears that someone they know is cheating on a friend/co

  77. Mayhem on a Cross

    Season 4, Episode 20
    Air date: Apr-16-2009

    Skeletal remains used by a Norwegian Black Metal Band lead the team to explore the underground music scene. Gordon-Gordon prepares to retire from psychology, but not before meeting with ...

  78. The Double Death of the Dearly Departed

    Season 4, Episode 21
    Air date: Apr-20-2009

    While attending a coworker's funeral, Brennan realizes that he was murdered rather than dying of natural causes and begins covertly investigating his death.

  79. The Girl in the Mask

    Season 4, Episode 22
    Air date: Apr-23-2009

    Bones asks for Booth's advice on which of her assistants she should hire. Booth gets a call from a friend, a Japanese cop who Booth once worked with in an exchange program, who asks him to check on his sister. Unfortunately they locate her head. Now the squints must locate the body.

  80. The Beaver in the Otter

    Season 4, Episode 23
    Air date: Apr-30-2009

    The remains of a college student are found in a mascot costume from a rival college. As the squints investigate how the body got in there, Booth finds out what his brother plans on doing with his life after his court martial.

  81. The Critic in the Cabernet

    Season 4, Episode 24
    Air date: May-07-2009

    The remains are found in a barrel of wine. Bones realizes she wants to have a child and asks Booth for help.

  82. The End in the Beginning

    Season 4, Episode 25
    Air date: May-14-2009

    Story of a murder in a nightclub with multiple suspects, with familiar faces in a different perspective. When the story's finished, Booth's health crisis takes an expected twist.

  83. The Bond in the Boot

    Season 5, Episode 2
    Air date: Sep-24-2009

    A diamond courier carrying a briefcase is killed. State Department requests discretion while investigating due to National Security concerns. Meanwhile, Wendell loses his scholarship, and Booth tries to relearn plumbing techniques.

  84. The Plain in the Prodigy

    Season 5, Episode 3
    Air date: Oct-01-2009

    Bones and Booth investigate the murder of an Amish piano prodigy.

  85. The Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

    Season 5, Episode 4
    Air date: Oct-08-2009

    A corpse found roasted in a neighborhood party barbecue pit is identified as missing dentist Kurt Bissette. He had not only upset neighbors with his windmill and by nearly poisoning the gay...

  86. A Night at the Bones Museum

    Season 5, Episode 5
    Air date: Oct-15-2009

    Brennan and Booth are called to investigate what appears to be charred human remains on an electrical fence. The mysterious corpse is later determined to be a mummified Egyptian royal on ...

  87. The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken

    Season 5, Episode 6
    Air date: Nov-05-2009

    The weird face of a hydrogen sulphate-affected corpse, found floating in a river fits Nick Rabin, head of personnel at industrial chicken farm Clucksten, which is opposed by John Collins's ...

  88. The Dwarf in the Dirt

    Season 5, Episode 7
    Air date: Nov-12-2009

    Booth, still suffering some lingering effects from his brain surgery, has to get re-certified for FBI marksmanship, but is not the accurate shot he was before going under the knife. ...

  89. The Foot in the Foreclosure

    Season 5, Episode 8
    Air date: Nov-19-2009

    In Howard Fileman's house, which is for sale, estate agent Katie Selnick and two prospective buyers discover a corpse, charred except for a fat foot. Clever forensics gradually show it was ...

  90. The Gamer in the Grease

    Season 5, Episode 9
    Air date: Dec-03-2009

    Mailman Steve Rifton's corpse is found in frying fat, hence extremely decayed over two weeks. He was reported missing for three months. The highly intelligent man's passion was the computer...

  91. The Goop on the Girl

    Season 5, Episode 10
    Air date: Dec-10-2009

    When a man dressed as Santa Claus blows himself up during a botched bank robbery, Brennan and Booth work to identify the bomber and determine his motives. Meanwhile, Brennan makes plans to ...

  92. The X in the File

    Season 5, Episode 11
    Air date: Jan-14-2010

    An out-of-this-world case brings Brennan and Booth to New Mexico where they investigate human remains with extraterrestrial attributes. The victim is identified as a local UFO fanatic, ...

  93. The Proof in the Pudding

    Season 5, Episode 12
    Air date: Jan-21-2010

    Mr. White and his team of government agents put the Jeffersonian Lab on lock down and demand that Brennan and her forensics team determine a cause of death for an unidentified, but highly ...

  94. The Dentist in the Ditch

    Season 5, Episode 13
    Air date: Jan-28-2010

    When a human skeleton is discovered in the trenches of an old Civil War battleground, Brennan and Booth are called to the case. Despite the historical location, Brennan quickly identifies ...

  95. The Devil in the Details

    Season 5, Episode 14
    Air date: Feb-04-2010

    Brennan and Booth investigate a set of uniquely disfigured remains allegorizing biblical text. As they acquire more information about the victim, a former patient of Dr. Adam Copeland at ...

  96. The Bones on the Blue Line

    Season 5, Episode 15
    Air date: Apr-01-2010

    When a subway train is thrown off the track by 60,000 gallons of flood water, a partially skeletonized body emerges out of the overflow. While Dr. Sweets, a passenger on the derailed train,...

  97. The Parts in the Sum of the Whole

    Season 5, Episode 16
    Air date: Apr-08-2010

    The milestone 100th episode takes viewers back in time six years as Brennan and Booth recount the first case they worked on together. With Sweets finishing his book on their partnership, ...

  98. The Death of the Queen Bee

    Season 5, Episode 17
    Air date: Apr-15-2010

    The team's latest case takes Brennan back to her alma mater, Burtonsville High School, where she and Booth investigate the discovery of an unidentified skull and upper torso. With Angela's ...

  99. The Predator in the Pool

    Season 5, Episode 18
    Air date: Apr-22-2010

    When human remains are discovered in the belly of a shark, Brennan and Booth are brought in to identify the missing person. Evidence suggesting the victim had been the prey of several fish ...

  100. The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle

    Season 5, Episode 19
    Air date: Apr-29-2010

    When the body of a rich adventure-seeker is found in a hotel laundry machine, Booth and Brennan are led to the last place he was seen: a Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp. While Brennan and Booth ...

  101. The Witch in the Wardrobe

    Season 5, Episode 20
    Air date: May-06-2010

    A cabin burns down in the woods revealing two bodies - one of a modern-day witch and one from the days of the Salem Witch Trials - leading Booth and Brennan into the world of Wicca to find ...

  102. The Boy with the Answer

    Season 5, Episode 21
    Air date: May-13-2010

    The trial of The Gravedigger hits close to home for members of the team, and everyone at the Jeffersonian must work overtime to uncover the forensic evidence to elicit a conviction.

  103. The Beginning in the End

    Season 5, Episode 22
    Air date: May-20-2010

    The team works to uncover clues buried under a life's worth of possessions saved by a hoarder in order to solve the mystery of his death. Meanwhile, Angela's father has a specific purpose ...

  104. The Mastodon in the Room

    Season 6, Episode 1
    Air date: Sep-23-2010

    With Cam's reputation and career on the line, the team travels from overseas to help her solve the case of an unidentified young boy. The Forensics Anthropology Unit lost much of its vigor ...

  105. The Couple in the Cave

    Season 6, Episode 2
    Air date: Sep-30-2010

    When the remains of a couple are discovered in a cave at National Park, the team must piece together the identity of the man and the woman as well as solve the crime. After interrogating ...

  106. The Maggots in the Meathead

    Season 6, Episode 3
    Air date: Oct-07-2010

    When Booth and Brennan are called to investigate decomposed remains found at the Jersey Shore, the team IDs the victim as Richie "The V" Genaro, a 23-year-old who partied the night before ...

  107. The Body and the Bounty

    Season 6, Episode 4
    Air date: Oct-14-2010

    After a skull and decomposing hands are found in a dumpster, the team must not only solve the crime but also search for the rest of the victim's remains. Identified as Ray Raminsky, the ...

  108. The Bones That Weren't

    Season 6, Episode 5
    Air date: Nov-04-2010

    On an isolated construction site, a skateboarder falls over a bump in a concrete slate - part of a young man's skull, identified from a rare dental tattoo as missing former ballet dancer ...

  109. The Shallow in the Deep

    Season 6, Episode 6
    Air date: Nov-11-2010

    The past and present collide when human remains from a 150-year-old slave ship, the Amalia Rose, surface. The team is tasked to give the deceased a proper burial but make an unforeseen ...

  110. The Babe in the Bar

    Season 6, Episode 7
    Air date: Nov-18-2010

    When human remains are discovered in the world's largest chocolate bar, a "sweet" event for a candymaker quickly turns bitter. As eccentric chocolate factory owner Jimmy Walpert deals with ...

  111. The Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck

    Season 6, Episode 8
    Air date: Dec-02-2010

    Booth and Brennan's next case leads them to a crime scene where a human carcass has literally melted into the dashboard of a charred truck. As the team investigates the case, they discover ...

  112. The Doctor in the Photo

    Season 6, Episode 9
    Air date: Dec-09-2010

    The Jeffersonian team find a body in a tree and Dr. Brennan discovers that the victim is practically a clone of herself.

  113. The Body in the Bag

    Season 6, Episode 10
    Air date: Jan-20-2011

    An unidentifiable body is discovered in the shower of an upscale home belonging to a young female socialite. With the help of nosy bones expert and Jeffersonian "squint" Clark Edison, ...

  114. The Bullet in the Brain

    Season 6, Episode 11
    Air date: Jan-27-2011

    The city anxiously anticipates the arrival of Heather Taffet, more notoriously known as "The Gravedigger," for her final appeal after being sentenced to death for a kidnap-murder and a ...

  115. The Sin in the Sisterhood

    Season 6, Episode 12
    Air date: Feb-03-2011

    A body disguised as a scarecrow is found with a bullet wound in a remote cornfield, and the team is forced to work against the clock to avoid a storm and potential complications that would ...

  116. The Daredevil in the Mold

    Season 6, Episode 13
    Air date: Feb-10-2011

    A BMX rider's remains are discovered on the roof of a warehouse after a failed bike stunt. While Booth and Brennan interrogate the victim's fellow riders, Hodgins and newly mellowed "squint...

  117. The Bikini in the Soup

    Season 6, Episode 14
    Air date: Feb-17-2011

    The liquefied remains of a wedding planner are found in her home tanning bed on Valentine's Day, and Cam pressures her team to solve the case in time so she can celebrate the holiday with ...

  118. The Killer in the Crosshairs

    Season 6, Episode 15
    Air date: Mar-10-2011

    After notoriously murdering "The Gravedigger," sniper-on-the-loose Jacob Broadsky strikes again. This time, his victim is a prior suspect who escaped the justice system. More determined ...

  119. The Blackout in the Blizzard

    Season 6, Episode 16
    Air date: Mar-17-2011

    A severe blizzard causes a city-wide blackout, adding to the obstacles the team must overcome in order to solve a murder case that could be linked to a potential viral outbreak. But when ...

  120. The Feet on the Beach

    Season 6, Episode 17
    Air date: Apr-07-2011

    Eight pairs of dismembered feet wash ashore after a recent flood on the U.S.-Canada border, but things don't add up when seven pairs of feet are identified as research corpses from a nearby...

  121. The Truth in the Myth

    Season 6, Episode 18
    Air date: Apr-14-2011

    A TV show host who systematically exposed fraud and superstition is killed in a forest where he intended to disprove the existence of the Latin-American mythological 'goat-thief', at first ...

  122. The Finder

    Season 6, Episode 19
    Air date: Apr-21-2011

    Sam Nozik's beetles-eaten corpse in a Florida glade is identified from his acrylic eye. He worked in a Miami museum, from which a treasure map to a Spanish galleon was stolen. Booth ...

  123. The Pinocchio in the Planter

    Season 6, Episode 20
    Air date: Apr-28-2011

    Award winning ad man Ross Dickson's corpse is found by prancing youngsters, buried in a public playground, beaten to death in a mysterious way. He was a member of a radical truth-society, ...

  124. The Signs in the Silence

    Season 6, Episode 21
    Air date: May-05-2011

    A mysterious young deaf girl is thought to have committed a recent murder after she's found on the streets, covered in blood and holding a knife. It's up to the Jeffersonian team to figure ...

  125. The Hole in the Heart

    Season 6, Episode 22
    Air date: May-12-2011

    The search for Broadsky intensifies as he manages to kill one of the Squints. Angela and Hodgins name their baby. Booth struggles to protect those closest to him, which leads to an unexpected situation.

  126. The Change in the Game

    Season 6, Episode 23
    Air date: May-19-2011

    A generally disliked member of Max Keenan's bowling team's corpse is found as a decomposing mess in the cones machinery when that renovated section is reopened, but he was knocked dead a ...

  127. The Memories in the Shallow Grave

    Season 7, Episode 1
    Air date: Nov-03-2011

    A paint-ball team accidentally finds in a national park the consumed corpse of a woman, soon identified from dental records as the wife of protestant minister Joseph Serrano. She was ...

  128. The Hot Dog in the Competition

    Season 7, Episode 2
    Air date: Nov-10-2011

    Dixie ex-con Finn Abernathy, a genius, joins the team and impresses even Bones. He has to face hard questions about his past and morality but soon bonds with initially hostile Hodges. The ...

  129. The Prince in the Plastic

    Season 7, Episode 3
    Air date: Nov-17-2011

    Toy company designer Debra Cortez's corpse is found at a dump site, decomposed inside plastic wrapping, with an equally crushed vintage copy of the company's top model, Prince Charmington. ...

  130. The Male in the Mail

    Season 7, Episode 4
    Air date: Dec-01-2011

    Post staff finds several mail boxes filled with goo - actually a chopped-up human corpse. Their address labels were deliberately messed up so as to strand them in a specialized post office,...

  131. The Twist in the Twister

    Season 7, Episode 5
    Air date: Dec-08-2011

    A storm chaser with a shot at becoming professional may be murdered, but his corpse is mangled with half a neighborhood by the last tornado he studied. Booth, assisted by Lance as he ...

  132. The Crack in the Code

    Season 7, Episode 6
    Air date: Jan-12-2012

    A human spinal column was deposited at night at the Lincoln monument with a message taunting to find the rest. Its vertebrates were reassembled, forming a code Hodges gets obsessed with ...

  133. The Prisoner in the Pipe

    Season 7, Episode 7
    Air date: Apr-02-2012

    Body parts float up in a toilet. The team determine the deceased was a prisoner. Booth wants Brennan to take it easy since she is near her due date. Dr Brennan & Booth go to the prison to find the killer. Afterwards, Brennan gives birth.

  134. The Bump in the Road

    Season 7, Episode 8
    Air date: Apr-09-2012

    Finn Abernathy's Dixie country experience proves as useful as his IQ in figuring out a female corpse smeared over half a mile of interstate road by Alan Bates's truck. The victim, farmer's ...

  135. The Don't in the Do

    Season 7, Episode 9
    Air date: Apr-16-2012

    Hodgins has a hard time identifying the blue substance which killed animals scavenging on a scalped corpse, painstakingly identified as a capricious star hairdresser. Possible motives ...

  136. The Warrior in the Wuss

    Season 7, Episode 10
    Air date: Apr-23-2012

    Metal hardware deliverer Tony Cole was fatally stabbed in a puzzling way. Booth is more preoccupied with his son Parker, finally back from England, and how to fit him in the family with ...

  137. The Family in the Feud

    Season 7, Episode 11
    Air date: Apr-30-2012

    A West Virginia truffle hunter's hog stumbles upon a corpse in the woods. The killing may fit in over a century of vicious, vivid feud between the neighboring Babcock and Mobley families, ...

  138. The Suit on the Set

    Season 7, Episode 12
    Air date: May-07-2012

    The corpse of the boss of the Hollywood studio where extravagant British director Joco Kent is filming "Bone of Contention", an action movie based of a book by Bones, is dropped in a clumsy...

  139. The Past in the Present

    Season 7, Episode 13
    Air date: May-14-2012

    Suspected serial killer Christopher Pelant, the computer genius, clearly hopes to avoid trial by completely discrediting the Jeffersonian team. Playing on their emotions, each in turn is ...

  140. The Future in the Past

    Season 8, Episode 1
    Air date: Sep-17-2012

    Months later, Brennan is still on the run from the FBI, after being framed for murder by Christopher Pelant. The remaining team searches for the real killer.

  141. The Partners in the Divorce

    Season 8, Episode 2
    Air date: Sep-24-2012

    A burned body is found. The victim is a divorce lawyer who had a lot of disgruntled clients. With Brennan back home, she and Booth have to adjust to living together. They have various disagreements about the new routines at home.

  142. The Gunk in the Garage

    Season 8, Episode 3
    Air date: Oct-01-2012

    A man dies in a car explosion. After identifying the man, Booth and Brennan find he is still alive. Turns out, the two guys are twins who did not know of the other. Both men are browbeaten ...

  143. The Tiger in the Tale

    Season 8, Episode 4
    Air date: Oct-08-2012

    An employee is killed in an animal park, and the team determines it is linked to illegal animal trafficking. Dr Sweets and Daisy discuss the current status of their relationship and make a decision.

  144. The Method in the Madness

    Season 8, Episode 5
    Air date: Nov-05-2012

    The team identify a woman's eviscerated body as a co-owner of a natural applesauce store. There is a symmetry to her incisions. Sweets has been living in his office since the breakup with ...

  145. The Patriot in Purgatory

    Season 8, Episode 6
    Air date: Nov-12-2012

    Brennan, intrigued by Phil Jackson's management style, pulls all her interns together as a team for a project worthy of the basketball coach's philosophy. She charges them with identifying ...

  146. The Bod in the Pod

    Season 8, Episode 7
    Air date: Nov-19-2012

    The Jeffersonian team investigates the death of a crime scene cleanup expert whose remains are found mysteriously sealed in an impenetrable pod that washed up on the beach. Meanwhile, ...

  147. The But in the Joke

    Season 8, Episode 8
    Air date: Nov-26-2012

    An artist gluing his artwork on a billboard slips and falls with his glue on top of a corpse. The team has to separate the artist from the bones. Angela realizes the artist is a famous ...

  148. The Ghost in the Machine

    Season 8, Episode 9
    Air date: Dec-03-2012

    The team talk to the deceased teenaged victim as if he is alive. A psychic visits and says the victim called her to help with the case. The boy's spirit affects everyone as they look for his killer.

  149. The Diamond in the Rough

    Season 8, Episode 10
    Air date: Jan-14-2013

    Brennan and Booth enter a dance competition to find a killer of a contestant. After the killer is caught, Brennan still wants to enter the competition for the judges.

  150. The Archaeologist in the Cocoon

    Season 8, Episode 11
    Air date: Jan-14-2013

    An archaeologist is found murdered. His lab holds ancient remains of Neanderthals and Homosapiens; these are given to Clark to research. Brennan is jealous that she has to work the current case and not the ancient one.

  151. The Corpse on the Canopy

    Season 8, Episode 12
    Air date: Jan-21-2013

    After Hodgins and Angela were drugged and woke up to a bloody corpse hanging in the canopy of their bed and flower petals around their son Michael's crib, they are forced to believe that ...

  152. The Twist in the Plot

    Season 8, Episode 13
    Air date: Jan-28-2013

    The Jeffersonian team investigates the remains of two bodies that were found at the same burial plot: one of a female cancer patient; the other, the cancer patient who was guiding her ...

  153. The Doll in the Derby

    Season 8, Episode 14
    Air date: Feb-04-2013

    The dismembered body of a roller derby skater means Angela goes undercover at the rink to find more clues to the woman's murder. Elsewhere, Cam worries over the sheer number of doctor ...

  154. The Shot in the Dark

    Season 8, Episode 15
    Air date: Feb-11-2013

    When Brennan is shot while working late at the Jeffersonian lab, she is rushed to the hospital in critical condition. While at the hospital, she struggles with visions of her mother that ...

  155. The Friend in Need

    Season 8, Episode 16
    Air date: Feb-18-2013

    The Jeffersonian team investigates the remains of a 15-year-old boy. Although his mother and few close friends saw him as intelligent with poor social skills, the team discovers that this ...

  156. The Fact in the Fiction

    Season 8, Episode 17
    Air date: Feb-25-2013

    When extremely educated new intern Dr. Oliver Wells starts working at the Jeffersonian, his quick-learning, enthusiastic personality challenges Brennan as he gets under her skin with his ...

  157. The Survivor in the Soap

    Season 8, Episode 18
    Air date: Mar-04-2013

    The Jeffersonian team investigates the death of Symchay Conteh, a young man whose remains were found in a barrel at a hazardous waste disposal facility. They discover that the victim was an...

  158. The Doom in the Gloom

    Season 8, Episode 19
    Air date: Mar-18-2013

    When the Jeffersonian team investigates the death of a former Marine sergeant whose remains were found burned to a crisp, they discover that she was discharged after a fist fight with ...

  159. The Blood from the Stones

    Season 8, Episode 20
    Air date: Mar-25-2013

    An undercover police officer, who was investigating a string of ATM robberies, turns up dead in a van with a bag of diamonds found inside his mutilated body. So the Jeffersonian team must ...

  160. The Maiden in the Mushrooms

    Season 8, Episode 21
    Air date: Apr-01-2013

    The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of a TV producer. Meanwhile, Brennan has trouble accepting the fact that Christine might be an "average" child, when her daughter gets accused ...

  161. The Party in the Pants

    Season 8, Episode 22
    Air date: Apr-15-2013

    The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of Jack Spindler, a successful employee at a brokerage firm by day, but a stripper by night. When the team learns how Spindler's moonlighting ...

  162. The Pathos in the Pathogens

    Season 8, Episode 23
    Air date: Apr-22-2013

    The Jeffersonian team rushes to prevent a viral outbreak while investigating the murder of journalist Mia Garrett after her infected body is found at a biohazard facility. When the mutated ...

  163. The Secret in the Siege

    Season 8, Episode 24
    Air date: Apr-29-2013

    When evil tech genius Christopher Pelant returns to toy with the Jeffersonian team in their newest investigation, they discover that the string of murders that have been occurring are tied ...

  164. The Secrets in the Proposal

    Season 9, Episode 1
    Air date: Sep-16-2013

    Bones is hurt that Booth withdrew his acceptance of her proposal, and the team sides with her. Eventually she realizes he must have a reason and she trusts him. A government accountant is ...

  165. The Cheat in the Retreat

    Season 9, Episode 2
    Air date: Sep-23-2013

    A dead man is identified and was last seen at a couples retreat where he was with a woman other than his wife. Booth and Bones attend the retreat undercover to find evidence. Cam's identity is stolen. Sweets takes a break from his job.

  166. El Carnicero en el Coche

    Season 9, Episode 3
    Air date: Sep-30-2013

    Sweets is on sabbatical from the FBI and volunteering in a poor Mexican community. When a victim found burned in a car turns out to be someone from the community, Booth asks for Sweets' help.

  167. The Sense in the Sacrifice

    Season 9, Episode 4
    Air date: Oct-07-2013

    The team creates a fake murder scene to mimic the work of Chris Pelant, hoping Pelant will contact them about a copycat killer.

  168. The Lady on the List

    Season 9, Episode 5
    Air date: Oct-14-2013

    A man's body is found off a mountain cliff. He was a teacher who had terminal cancer and was trying to fulfill the items on his bucket list before he died. His friend helped him a bit too much. Booth and Brennan plan their wedding.

  169. The Woman in White

    Season 9, Episode 6
    Air date: Oct-21-2013

    Brennan and Booth are to be married tomorrow, but not without a murder to solve. The team calls in all interns to help with the case so Brennan does not have to do anything.

  170. The Nazi on the Honeymoon

    Season 9, Episode 7
    Air date: Nov-04-2013

    Brennan & Booth are in Buenos Aires for their honeymoon. Brennan is not used to sitting idle so she takes Booth to a morgue, and she finds unidentified bones of a victim. She and Booth help the local police solve the crime.

  171. The Dude in the Dam

    Season 9, Episode 8
    Air date: Nov-11-2013

    The team investigates a man whose main form of income is donating sperm. He was popular to prospective parents due to his looks and intellect. Also, Brennan and another mystery writer exchange criticisms about each others books.

  172. The Fury in the Jury

    Season 9, Episode 9
    Air date: Nov-04-2013

    Brennan is a juror on the case of professional soccer player Peter Kidman, who is accused of murdering his wife. When she uses pure objectivity to help prove the killer not guilty, his best...

  173. The Mystery in the Meat

    Season 9, Episode 10
    Air date: Nov-22-2013

    The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of a food scientist whose remains were tossed in a meat grinder and mixed into cans of stew served in a school cafeteria. When the team ...

  174. The Spark in the Park

    Season 9, Episode 11
    Air date: Dec-06-2013

    The team works to find out why a promising young gymnast was murdered, while Cam confronts an identity thief.

  175. The Ghost in the Killer

    Season 9, Episode 12
    Air date: Jan-10-2014

    The Jeffersonian team investigates the death of Lana Brewster, a girl whose remains are delivered to Brennan and Booth's home by someone who believes her death 18 years ago was no accident....

  176. Big in the Philippines

    Season 9, Episode 13
    Air date: Jan-17-2014

    The Jeffersonian team investigates the death of Colin Haynes, a struggling country music singer whose remains were found in a shallow grave. When the team learns about the victim's music ...

  177. The Master in the Slop

    Season 9, Episode 14
    Air date: Jan-24-2014

    When the Jeffersonian team discovers the body of a renowned but disliked chess master amidst pig slop, Sweets surprises the team with his chess skills and goes undercover in the world of ...

  178. The Heiress in the Hill

    Season 9, Episode 15
    Air date: Jan-31-2014

    The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of Lauren Frank, a kidnap victim whose remains were found buried at a park. But when they discover the unhappy relationship that Lauren had ...

  179. The Source in the Sludge

    Season 9, Episode 16
    Air date: Mar-10-2014

    When a CIA informant is found murdered, Booth and CIA Agent Danny Beck must work together to track down an Afghani terrorist. Meanwhile, Brennan wants to work more closely with Booth in the...

  180. The Repo Man in the Septic Tank

    Season 9, Episode 17
    Air date: Mar-17-2014

    A repo man's remains are found in a septic tank, and the Jeffersonian team must work together to figure out who the killer is. When the team discovers that the victim had a troubled past, ...

  181. The Carrot in the Kudzu

    Season 9, Episode 18
    Air date: Mar-24-2014

    When a children's TV show actor is found dead, the Jeffersonian team goes behind the scenes to uncover who murdered everyone's favorite character, "Carrot Bill". But when the team discovers...

  182. The Turn in the Urn

    Season 9, Episode 19
    Air date: Mar-31-2014

    A hedge fund manager turns up at his own funeral and the Jeffersonian team must try to identify the man who was cremated. Also as the sales of Finn's and Hodgins' hot sauce soars, Finn must deal with some life changes.

  183. The High in the Low

    Season 9, Episode 20
    Air date: Apr-07-2014

    The remains of a former art student are found in a log in a forest; Wendell returns after beginning cancer treatments; Booth prepares for an FBI competency test.

  184. The Cold in the Case

    Season 9, Episode 21
    Air date: Apr-14-2014

    The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of a woman whose remains were found in a swamp. When the team realizes that her body was cryogenically frozen before it was disposed, it leads ...

  185. The Nail in the Coffin

    Season 9, Episode 22
    Air date: Apr-21-2014

    The Jeffersonian team investigates the death of Stephanie McNamara, the daughter of a wealthy family whose remains were found in a national park. When the team digs deeper into the ...

  186. The Drama in the Queen

    Season 9, Episode 23
    Air date: May-12-2014

    The head swim coach of a community college is found dead at the bottom of the well.

  187. The Recluse in the Recliner

    Season 9, Episode 24
    Air date: May-19-2014

    The team investigates the death of a man who had offered Booth information on a possible government cover-up related to a previous case, but was killed before their meeting took place. As ...

  188. The Conspiracy in the Corpse

    Season 10, Episode 1
    Air date: Sep-25-2014

    Booth is in prison after being framed for killing three FBI agents. Now it is up to Brennan, Sweets and the rest of the Jeffersonian team to find out who in the FBI is behind the Conspiracy.

  189. The Lance to the Heart

    Season 10, Episode 2
    Air date: Oct-02-2014

    The team puts their beloved psychologist to rest. But before they can, they need his help to find his killer who can help them get even closer to who is behind the conspiracy.

  190. The Purging of the Pundit

    Season 10, Episode 3
    Air date: Oct-09-2014

    With the help of "squintern" Rodolfo Fuentes, the Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of a controversial conservative radio host whose remains were found in a storm drain. When the ...

  191. The Geek in the Guck

    Season 10, Episode 4
    Air date: Oct-16-2014

    The Jeffersonian team, with the help Special Agent James Aubrey, investigate the murder of a video game designer whose remains were found washed up in a river. When the team uncovers more ...

  192. The Corpse at the Convention

    Season 10, Episode 5
    Air date: Oct-30-2014

    Brennan gives a keynote speech at a convention for forensic scientists, who are all eager to help when the remains of a body are discovered in a stairwell, but the Jeffersonian team are stunned when Hodgins becomes a murder suspect.

  193. The Lost Love in the Foreign Land

    Season 10, Episode 6
    Air date: Nov-06-2014

    The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of an immigrant maid whose remains were found on the side of the road. The victim's wealthy former employer, Sandra Zins, is a key suspect in ...

  194. The Money Maker on the Merry-Go-Round

    Season 10, Episode 7
    Air date: Nov-13-2014

    The team investigate a billion dollar hedge fund company when severely damaged remains from humans are found under a merry-go-round.

  195. The Puzzler in the Pit

    Season 10, Episode 8
    Air date: Nov-20-2014

    The team investigates the death of a crossword puzzle genius found in a fracking pit. Daisy takes advice from her doula.

  196. The Mutilation of the Master Manipulator

    Season 10, Episode 9
    Air date: Dec-04-2014

    The team investigates the death of a psychology professor whose body parts turn up in dumpsters all over the city.

  197. The 200th in the 10th

    Season 10, Episode 10
    Air date: Dec-11-2014

    In 1950s Hollywood, Brennan is a LAPD detective faced with sexism on the force, and Booth is a notorious jewel thief - who is framed for murder.

  198. The Psychic in the Soup

    Season 10, Episode 11
    Air date: Mar-26-2015

    Avalon Harmonia lends her expertise when the remains of a psychic are found rotting in the trunk of a tree. But Hodgins is angered when she claims to see Sweets' ghost; and Angela is put in...

  199. The Teacher in the Books

    Season 10, Episode 12
    Air date: Apr-02-2015

    When an affluent school teacher is found dead in an abandoned bookstore, the teachers and students at her school become suspects in the case. Meanwhile, Brennan's publisher encourages her ...

  200. The Baker in the Bits

    Season 10, Episode 13
    Air date: Apr-09-2015

    When the body of an ex-con is found in pieces, the Jeffersonian team investigates a local bakery known for employing former felons. But they soon learn that the victim was involved in a ...

  201. The Putter in the Rough

    Season 10, Episode 14
    Air date: Apr-16-2015

    A miniature golf star's death reveals the sport's highly competitive nature. Meanwhile, Brennan is afraid that her dad is dabbling in crime again; and Wendell asks Hodgins to help him fix his girlfriend's family heirloom.

  202. The Eye in the Sky

    Season 10, Episode 15
    Air date: Apr-23-2015

    A high-stakes gambler's remains are discovered in an industrial shredder, but Booth's history of addiction comes into play when he and Brennan investigate the world of underground poker. Meanwhile, Hodgins invents a lab-related product.

  203. The Big Beef at the Royal Diner

    Season 10, Episode 16
    Air date: Apr-30-2015

    The team investigates when the remains of a celebrity chef are discovered at a local park.

  204. The Lost in the Found

    Season 10, Episode 17
    Air date: May-07-2015

    A private high school student's remains are found in a ditch and bullying may have played a role in her death, but Brennan isn't so sure it's murder when she finds similarities between her own teen years and the victim's.

  205. The Verdict in the Victims

    Season 10, Episode 18
    Air date: May-07-2015

    With only 48 hours before the execution of serial killer Alex Rockwell, whom Brennan and Booth helped convict, the Jeffersonian team must race against the clock to confirm Brennan's new ...

  206. The Murder in the Middle East

    Season 10, Episode 19
    Air date: May-14-2015

    Arastoo is kidnapped by a member of the Iranian parliament to help him with a murder case, so Booth and Cam head to the Middle East to expose the killer before it's too late. Meanwhile, ...

  207. The Woman in the Whirlpool

    Season 10, Episode 20
    Air date: May-28-2015

    A cookie-jar collector's body is found near a river, and the killer may be a fellow kitchenware enthusiast. Meanwhile, Booth struggles to accept Brennan's decision to move out of their house due to his gambling addiction.

  208. The Life in the Light

    Season 10, Episode 21
    Air date: Jun-04-2015

    The remains of an ex-con and biker who became a yoga instructor are found in the ruins of a forest fire, and the investigation casts a wide net in both worlds to find the killer. Meanwhile, Booth continues to fight his gambling addiction.

  209. The Next in the Last

    Season 10, Episode 22
    Air date: Jun-11-2015

    As the team investigates a murder, evidence found in the crime scene reminds them of an old enemy. Elsewhere, Angela worries about Hodgins' and her decision, while Booth and Brennan consider a life without the Jeffersonian.

  210. The Loyalty in the Lie

    Season 11, Episode 1
    Air date: Oct-01-2015

    With Booth and Bones take the next step in their lives, the other members of the Jeffersonian are adjusting to the change. Aubrey is taking up his New role in the FBI and looking forward to his next case.

  211. The Brother in the Basement

    Season 11, Episode 2
    Air date: Oct-08-2015


  212. The Donor in the Drink

    Season 11, Episode 3
    Air date: Oct-15-2015


  213. The Carpals in the Coy-Wolves

    Season 11, Episode 4
    Air date: Oct-22-2015

    Brennan enlists help in the investigation into the death of a real estate agent.

  214. The Resurrection in the Remains

    Season 11, Episode 5
    Air date: Oct-29-2015

    The grisly discovery of human remains leads Brennan and Booth on a hunt for clues, during which they cross paths with Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills, who are looking for answers of their own.

  215. The Senator in the Street Sweeper

    Season 11, Episode 6
    Air date: Nov-05-2015


  216. The Promise in the Palace

    Season 11, Episode 7
    Air date: Nov-12-2015


  217. High Treason in the Holiday Season

    Season 11, Episode 8
    Air date: Nov-19-2015


  218. The Cowboy in the Contest

    Season 11, Episode 9
    Air date: Dec-10-2015


  219. The Doom in the Boom

    Season 11, Episode 10
    Air date: Dec-10-2015


  220. The Death in the Defense

    Season 11, Episode 11
    Air date: Apr-14-2016


  221. The Murder of the Meninist

    Season 11, Episode 12
    Air date: Apr-21-2016


  222. The Monster in the Closet

    Season 11, Episode 13
    Air date: Apr-28-2016


  223. The Last Shot at a Second Chance

    Season 11, Episode 14
    Air date: May-05-2016


  224. The Fight in the Fixer

    Season 11, Episode 15
    Air date: May-12-2016


  225. The Strike in the Chord

    Season 11, Episode 16
    Air date: May-19-2016


  226. The Secret in the Service

    Season 11, Episode 17
    Air date: May-26-2016


  227. Episode #11.18

    Season 11, Episode 18
    Air date: Jun-02-2016


  228. The Head in the Abutment

    Season 11, Episode 19
    Air date: Jun-16-2016


  229. Episode #11.20

    Season 11, Episode 20
    Air date: Jun-23-2016


  230. The Jewel in the Crown

    Season 11, Episode 21
    Air date: Jul-14-2016


  231. The Nightmare in the Nightmare

    Season 11, Episode 22
    Air date: Jul-21-2016